Bloodclot!!! Rohan Marley Says He’s Not The Father Of Lauryn’s Latest Bundle Dat

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Lauryn Hill Rohan Marley Selah Marley

If you thought Lauryn Hill‘s relationship with her “husband”/baby daddy Rohan Marley was shady before…

Yesterday, when news broke that Lauryn was pregnant with baby number six, we all naturally assumed the kid would be Rohan’s. After reading the report from our sister site, Rohan quickly shut that down.

Rohan Marley Not Married No Kids

When Clutch Magazine’s Britni Danielle picked up the tweet and asked if Rohan was sure, the convo took quite an interesting turn. Here is what Rohan, who is definitely the father of Lauryn’s daughter Selah, above, (and possibly not the father of her first born son Zion) had to say:

Rohan Marley on Lauryn Hill pregnancy

After having cleared that up, Rohan added:

Rohan Marley

While all of those tweets have since disappeared, Rohan has politely corrected at least two congratulating fans since. Which makes the situation all the more interesting. And by interesting, we mean shady.

What other “information” out there could be wrong? And how difficult could it have been for him to set people straight before the discovery of Twitter, if it was really that deep?


  • WithAllHonesty


    • Ummm...

      Always been shady. Ion’t like him. That is all.

    • Mrs. Rance

      I’m with you Ummm. Lauryn has a gift for picking idiots to fall head over heals for.

    • lhk88888888

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  • confidently_ugly

    damn…”my momma said” If you want to learn more about your man look at his father. Lauren is still in a “pickle” whether or not the kid is his. Rohan on that MJ “billie jean” type of ish

  • Pretty Brown Eyes

    wow so you mean to tell me all that self rightous respect yourself, value yourelf dont give yourself to just any man shii she was spitting on the miseducation was all a hoax. You mean to tell me mrs lauren is out here jumping it off getting knocked up by multiple baby daddies wow. practice what you preach mrs lauren!

    • Ummm...

      Yep. He’s the only honest man in the world. Because he SAID he ain’t the daddy you believe him and talk down about her and try to preach to HER. Really?

    • queenbee

      How quickly a lot of you act like what you read is the gospel truth and so many between Lauryn’s legs–get a life.

    • JustAshley

      Well even if he’s lying and this is one of those Maury Povich situations- she still has 37 children with a dude who hasn’t married her. I can see 1 or maybe even too if you didn’t learn your lesson the first time but 57? Yeah, he might be Rasta or whatever but what about providing your kids with some stability?

    • JustAshley

      *excuse the typos*

    • JaZzIe91

      “she still has 37 children with a dude who hasn’t married her. I can see 1 or maybe even too if you didn’t learn your lesson the first time but 57?”

      ^^^ROFL She got like 30 kids. LOL!! Marisol from the Maury Show looking a*s.. LOL nah let me stop. Nobody could top that chick. SMH

  • tommykimon

    What’s the problem? They don’t seem like they are together anymore. I’m not condoning her getting knocked up by just anybody but this man is not her husband.

  • Daisy Jay

    *looks down at shirt*


    • Mrs. Rance

      Bob can’t say nothin. Rohan is the child of one of his side pieces himself. He just tryin to be like his daddy except Bob stayed with his wife til death and she accepted the side chicks.

  • Boondock Saint


  • JustAshley

    DAYUM! The plot thickens!!!
    The girl in the pic with Rohan and Lauryn is so pretty! She looks just like Lauryn!

  • G.M.

    not surprising…even tho they’re not married 30% of men are not the biological father of their children…meaning they think their the dad and tricked/told they’re the father by the mother that knows the truth smh

    • G.M.

      *30% of husbands/men*…and its probably more than that if not every woman surveyed wasn’t being honest.

    • JustSaying

      Mama don’t always know the truth.

    • G.M.

      really??? how many women do u know is unaware when & who their fuccin and when they’ve become pregnant…GTFOHWTBS!!! where is the logic in ur statement??? Do u honestly believe what u just said??? Pls, give me a scenario where that can happen and would be common enough to make up the 30%.

    • WithAllHonesty

      Chances are if people ain’t sayin’, “Boy you look just like yo’ daddy.” than that ain’t yo daddy lol…

    • G.M.

      @WAH: its deeper than that bruh…if u want to hear the stories about women who do sh1t like that, i’ll fill u in…there was this one story where this guy bangs this chick in high school, she gets pregnant, gives birth, she doesn’t tell the guy, the child is a girl & grows up and ends up dating the same guy that bang her mother, invites him to dinner @ her house where he reunites with the chick he banged in HS who is the mother of his GF and realizes…HE HAS BEEN FUCCIN HIS OWN DAUGHTER AND DIDNT KNOW IT!!! the mother has a husband who she lead to believe that he was the father i think SMDH

    • G.M.

      #1 #5 & #6 cover the topics but #6 @ the 14:30 mark is the story i just shared with u if u want to hear what some of these b1tches are doin out here, its outrageous…//

    • WithAllHonesty

      dayum… Give me some links I’m interested to see where you get your info or perspective. Some things are dead on and some a bit extreme but correct in their own right and some things are off the wall but maybe I could understand if I knew more.

  • bouyant

    glad she left him, no wonder shes been looking like her old self

  • Matix B

    WOW everything I blogged about yesterday I take back. No bueno….BUMMBACLAAT him naw easy at all, at all. Lauen a give him a JACKET. LMBAO ta puzzy claat.

    • JustAshley


  • gina

    Y’all know that fragile female is and has always been an opportunist bogus ! She really needs to stop reproducing those GENES! Pregnancy is not good for her issues! Especially single moms …ok granny say goodbye to retirement.

    • Deedee_404

      An opportunist would have chose a Marley that had more going on than riding his father’s coattails.

  • ok....dayumm

    Hmmmm…..Interesting. Another site reported that Lauryn said she was expecting another child with Rohan when she made the announcement?

  • Bohwe

    who cares? why do we tell these artists to practice what they preach. look at artists as people who are using their creative side to be employed, nothing more or less. they are in a business to sell records, so the record companies create an image and have them make songs that will make money. that’s why i love sade. she’s the only artist that rarely does interviews, and when she does it’s never about her personal life but her music. honestly, i don’t need or care about how many kids a singer has. i don’t want to know about your life.

    • Uhh Yeah Ok™

      Thank you. I mean did Lauren announce it or something or did the publications just run with whatever they wanted because they saw a baby bump? Rohan and Lauren don’t have to explain sh!z.

  • noble

    Uh, people. Can we not do our family genealogy over Twitter? SMH Bro, issue a statement, have a rep say it one time, be professional about yours and be done… (and Marley, I really hope you aren’t the father because come winter, we don’t need to see your butt running down the hall, zigzagging, doing arm windmills, crying and fallin all out on the couch. SMH)

    • Uhh Yeah Ok™

      Agreed. Totally unprofessional.

  • Christielove1468

    I think that Rohan is lying,he is just trying to cover his tracks.not only does he has two kids with his wife,Rohan may have other kids by other women besides Lauryn. Lauryn is a fool if she still is involved with this self absorbed liar.

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