Dear Stans: This Is How Beyonce Feels About You ‘Accidentally’ Hearing “4” Early

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Beyonce 4 leak

When albums leak, artists and labels usually have one of two reactions.

If it’s an unfinished project or something they really didn’t want out into the world yet, the label and/or artist will spazz the fawk out, go on a Twitter rant bemoaning music pirates, track down every single blogger/internet geek who makde the album available to the world and all but threaten their unborn child.

That’s not what happened this afternoon, after Beyonce’s new jawn “4” had been leaked onto the web and spread around the world.

Here’s her official response via Facebook:
Beyonce addresses leaked album

In other words, this wasn’t exactly so much a leak as it was product/market testing. And the official album, which hits stores June 28 won’t sound exactly like what the web heard today.

By the way, have you heard the album? Did you hate it or love it??


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