Get A Hobby: The Westboro Baptist Church Is Boycotting The Finals Because The League Fined Kobe’s Gay Slur

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wbc nba finals gay slur

These wack jobs are angry that the NBA is cracking down on homophobic slurs. Give it a rest, already.

The group is protesting the Finals because they disagree with the fact that Stern and co. fined Kobe Bryant and Joakim Noah for using homophobic slurs during NBA games. Here’s their press release:

WBC will picket the NBA game between the Dallas Mavericks and the Miami Heat to warn this nation that they need to tear down their idols and worship only the true God, Jesus Christ. The people of Doomed america set up these spoiled, rebellious basketball players and other celebrities as little gods that they emulate then curse the real God, Jesus Christ because He does not supprt their vile sins.

Come again? What now? In summary, the WBC is full of people sipping crazy juice. Expect to see them outside during Game 5, picketing the “gay-loving” league and damning it to hell. Fun times.

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