Black Spa Worker Sues “Real Housewife Of NYC” Cindy Barshop For Racial Discrimination, Says She Was Treated Like “Trash”

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Cindy Barshop

As if we need any more reason to hate these “Real Housewife” broads.. SMH! The newest “Real Housewives of New York City” cast member Cindy Barshop, who owns “Completely Bare” spas, is facing a racial discrimination lawsuit filed by a former employee who claims she was tormented and fired because she is black.

The 25-year-old woman who filed the suit, Altovise Collier, is a state licensed aesthetician who was hired by Barshop in March after applying online and interviewing over the phone — so her employers were unaware she was black until she arrived for her first day of work.

“They were very impressed with me — until they saw me,” said a tearful Collier. “I was treated like trash and thrown in the gutter, damn near sleeping in the streets.”

Collier claims Barshop and the other 50 or so employees were verbally abusive toward her in the state Division of Human Rights filing. She also says Barshop paid her less than the other employees and failed to deliver more than half of her full $700 a week salary. To further complicate matters, Collier says Barshop paid her in cash and her lack of a pay stub made it nearly impossible for her to rent an apartment after relocating from Atlanta to New York to take the job, forcing her to crash on friends couches.

Collier was the only black beautician on staff, something that definitely didn’t escape her peers notice:

Co-workers repeatedly joked that Collier was hired only to “inject some color” into the spa because the chain was going national, she said.

“Everyone treated me badly, like I was in some sort of sorority hazing,” said Collier.

Collier also claims that her co-workers purposely sabotaged her training — withholding crucial information when she learning waxing techniques from more experienced workers.
This eventually led to a customer complaining that Collier was not waxing in the same way as the other staffers.

After Collier finally complained directly to Barshop about how she was treated, she says she was fired a week later.

“From Day One, she wasn’t given the same training, she wasn’t given the same money,” said Collier’s lawyer, Lenard Leeds.

Barshop, whose spas are famous for “vajazzling” — providing glitter and jewels to female genitalia — denied the charges, saying Collier was fired “because of the quality of her work.”

SMH… Ho Sit Down already… We already know these broads are racist because Bravo showed how the majority of these broads were acting in Morocco!



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