Lauren London Gives Bret Lockett And In Touch Weekly The Ho Sit Down, Claims She Has An Imposter

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Lauren London

Even before the In Touch Weekly story came out alleging that Kimmy Cakes was creepin’ behind Kris Humphries back by “sexting” and having “dirty phone talk” with this Bret Lockett character, good friend Lauren London was having issues of her own! Now it turns out these issues may be linked to this whole scandal…

According to Bret’s story, he met Kim through Lauren London, who was dating his younger brother at the time. Now not only is Lauren saying she don’t know him or his peoples — she’s also claiming that she has an imposter going around pretending to be her and wreaking havoc on her life and the lives of her friends!

The person may have even gone so far as to have hacked her Twitter. Check out Lauren’s Tweets from this week:

Lauren London reveals fake twitter pages

Lauren London reveals she has a hacker

Lauren retweets Kim's statement about the article

Lauren posts a link to the statement

Lauren London’s statement and screenshot of statement below:

To my family, friends, supporters and the media. I have an impostor. It is similar to identity theft because he/she constantly pretends to be me. This person disrupts my personal and professional life on an almost daily basis. Words cannot express how troubling this situation is for me and my loved ones. The statements made about me in the Kim Kardashian story are 100% false. Please repost and thank you for your support.

Facebook statement

What The Hell??? This isht is just getting crazier by the minute.

Do you believe Lauren? Stranger things have happened. Identity theft goes down every day and we don’t believe Lauren would date Lockett’s little brother if he’s anything like that cornball Bret. We know LL likes that thug lovin’ and ain’t tryin’ to let no corny ni**a chop down her perfect lil Hollyweird loins.

Whoever this broad impersonating Lauren London is — we wanna see her cuz we’d never have thought all that fineness could be duplicated!

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