Struggling Single Mother Sells Handwritten Letter From President Obama To Stay In Her Home

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But nearly eight months after she sent the letter, things have not improved—and she decided to sell the letter in order to avoid being evicted from her apartment.

“We need to move as soon as possible,” Mathis said. “We need a three bedroom. I’m not working, so no one is giving me a chance.”

Out of desperation, Mathis contacted Gary Zimet, president of Moments in Time. Zimet has sold eight handwritten letters from President Obama, along with the actual Schindler’s List and other pieces of American history.

Zimet said that handwritten letters from Obama on White House stationary are “extremely rare” and he hopes to sell Mathis’ letter for $11,000.

“She’s a really sweet person and needs the money desperately,” Zimet said.

As for Mathis, she hopes the letter sale will lead to a brighter future for herself and her children, Silas, Milan and Londyn. She still supports the president, but hopes to see real change in her own life–and soon.

“I am just a little bit weary of the promises that he’s made,” Mathis said. “I really haven’t been seeing any kind of changes that affect me directly. … We need the money so we can move into something that’s compatible with the kids and to help us out. We are really, really struggling. It’s hard for us right now.”

Man, times are hard and, surely, she’d love to keep that letter from President Obama to pass along to her children and grandchildren. We hope Ms. Mathis gets everything she needs from selling it to keep her family together though. Would you sell the letter and do you think the President knew what he was doing when he wrote her that letter in terms of its monetary value? Hmm.



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