Judge Sentences Supermodel Banger Jessica White To Anger Management For Catching Fade With Woman Outside The Club

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Nothin’ like a bad beetch that knows how to throw down…

Gorgeous swimsuit model Jessica White has sashayed out of her criminal charges for an alleged slapdown with another woman over a cab last October

— and she managed to do so in towering yellow platform stilettos.

A Manhattan Criminal Court judge told the Victoria’s Secret model today that her misdemeanor assault charges will be dismissed if she stays out of trouble for six months, serves three days of community service and goes to anger management for two days.

She also has to pay $489.94 to compensate Vanessa Kia, the Connecticut car rental company clerk she was accused of slugging as they parried for a cab outside a nightclub.

White turned heads as she strutted up and down the courtroom aisle-turned-runway, wearing high heels and a well-above-the-knees royal blue sundress.

She’s been in the news in recent weeks for planning an anti-child abuse campaign with Russell Simmons and a skin-care line for women of color.

“The injuries were not substantial and the complaining witness was amenable,” prosecutor Rene Jarusinsky said in agreeing to the eventual dismissal.

Sounds like Jessica was workin’ the preferential treatment angle with her court attire, seems like it might have worked. Play on playa…but try to leave the Naomi Campbell act alone, she’s not exactly the best role model.



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