Cry Me A River: Despite Making $75,000 Per Edisode On “The Voice”, Cee-Lo Green Says His New Fame “Takes A Toll” On Him

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Aw, po lil Cee-Lo Green…

Cee Lo Green, who is reportedly making $75,000 an episode as a judge on NBC’s “The Voice,” claims his newfound fame is exhausting. “To have to talk and talk and talk — it takes a toll on you,” he told the Hollywood Reporter’s new issue. “There’s no way you can avoid people unless you can afford to fly private all the time, and I can’t . . . It’s a toll of being talented.” Green shouldn’t be too self-assured. According to the magazine his fellow “Voice” judge Christina Aguilera is bringing home $225,000 per episode.

How are you a multi-colored attention whore and then complain about people wanting to talk to you?! Man listen, for $75,000 an episode, we’ll kiss every baby and say “fawk you” to every fan that wants to hear it!



  • Teyana -.-

    All that damn money & the negro cant drop a flippin pound. Wats he complainin for? Go hump a treadmill son..

  • dre 3stacks

    Money isn’t always everything and he’s been getting it for a while since like 95. But it’s the price that comes with fame. It’s easy for us to sit up and say there’s no way he should be complaining but until we’ve walked a day in his shoes who are we to judge…?

  • Teyana -.-


  • Human_nature89

    These celebs n all their complainib..ugh. Bt can anyone tell me wtf happened to everyone n all the comments???? Its like ghost twn up in here.

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