Twitter Files: 50 Cent Throws A Tantrum And Decides He’s Not Friends With His Label Anymore

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50 Cent

As he is often prone to doing, 50 Cent has decided to take his ball off the playground and stop playing with one of his friends.

This time, the friend in question is his record label, Interscope Records. And 50 is so upset, that he’s going to pout and do the Hip-Hop artist equivalent of holding his breath until he’s blue: refuse to release his album.

He announced all of this on Twitter yesterday, which was quite interesting because it was the same day he dropped a new song which he says isn’t his single.

Here how his Twitter Rant started:

50 Cent lashes out at record label on Twitter

We’d like to offer a theory about exactly what happened: 50 released this single and the label was no happier with it than the rest of us. But since he’s never wrong, Bugsy got to pouting.

Regardless, click here for the rest of 50’s e-Tantrum.

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