He’s a Spitter

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If the nice smile and seemingly innocent dimples fooled you, you aren’t alone:

Kansas City police are looking into a report of non-aggravated assault against Johnson for telling a woman that he was going to kill her boyfriend, then spitting in her face. The case will be investigated as resources allow, police spokesman Capt. Rich Lockhart said. Johnson hasn’t been charged. Ashley Stewart, 24, told police she had left the club but re-entered around 1:45 a.m. to find a friend. Johnson, who had tried to buy her a drink at the same club a week earlier, asked the friend to have Stewart come over, the police report said. Johnson got close to Stewart while swinging his arms belligerently, then said, ”All I wanted [to] tell you is I’m going to kill your boyfriend,” the report said. Johnson kept talking to Stewart and spit the drink in her face after she backed away, the report said.

We don’t know where you have been, Larry, but contrary to popular belief, women actually DO have a choice whether they will talk to you or not. And on this Earth, either choice normally results in them not being spat on. You should try it; everyone’s doin’ it. SMH



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