iBeef: Chris Breezy, Frank Ocean, Tyler The Creator, And Nosy A$$ Game Engage In Twitter Beef After A Compliment Goes Wrong…

- By Bossip Staff

The weirdo R&B thuggery fkery was on and poppin’ yesterday afternoon on Twitter.

After Breezy expressed his enjoyment with Frank Ocean’s music, Frank fired back with a shot basically saying he wasn’t feeling how Chris spoke about him. And from there…well, read it for yourself below


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  • Juicy


  • Tia

    Chris Brown needs to get off Twitter; stop letting people get to him. I can’t stand those over hyped devil wirshippers anyway though.

  • November

    This was hilarious! CTFU @ nosey azz Game!

  • Naylah

    Beat her down brown is going to get what he has coming to him.

  • Teyana -.-

    Chris needs to get off twitter & get him some testosterone… If u really can sit there & argue wit someone online u r a LOSER. Grow up.

  • daahlingnikki

    Twitter is for twitwits…

  • nikkz

    *dead* @KKO!! I fell off my chair reading that comment! Was thinking the same damn thing smh!

  • T.T.

    Ha! They should be thanking Chris because I’ve NEVER heard of them until Chris gave them a compliment. I was going to check out their music until they started acting stupid with Chris…..Oh well!!! Next….

  • fridayspecial

    Say yall didn’t laugh at that amber rose comment tho! I don’t like odd future but them dudes are clowns. Even called the man by his full name.

  • Muffy

    Although I never bought an album or went to a concert, I was a chris brown fan. That is until now. He runs his mouth too much. No body can see you poke ya chest out from behind a computer screen. Those who make e-threats are seriously lame. Grow up youngin’

  • bee89

    What do they mean by saying ” he likes soup”???

  • southernswagg

    Ike turner lmao

  • sexicece

    Chris Brown had the right to cuss them out b/c he gave an up an coming artist a compliment.. which was nice of Chris. The Frank guy took the compliment wrong…. everybody wins at the end…. Chris still hv millions and odd future is gaining fame…. its all good….

  • LetMeBuildW_YOU

    Chris Brown shouldnt even waste his time with this foolery …..

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