Bossip Exclusive: Nivea Arrested For DUI Last Night In Atlanta, Tells Officer “ITCHBAY I Could Buy Your Job Ho!”

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nivea arrested dui

A source has exclusively revealed to BOSSIP that Nivea was arrested last night in Atlanta for DUI. The singer, ex-wife of The-Dream, and Lil Wayne’s baby mama, crashed her cream BMW X6 into a tree around 1 am last night near Marietta St. and Bolton Rd.

Nivea Hamilton Nash, as her name appeared on her license, was driving home from Toya Carter’s wedding reception and had a small baby in the car, and fortunately no one was hurt.

Nivea reportedly got very beligerent with the investigating officer, at one point telling her ..”ITCHBAY I Could Buy Your Job Ho!”

Nivea was taken to Fulton County correctional facility…

Stay tuned into BOSSIP for more details


  • Nivea

    Irresponsible smh.

  • team nymphis

    “bytch I could use my jump off savings account and buy yo azz”

  • Muffy

    Who she foolin? She probably couldn’t gather enough coins to buy something off the dollar menu. That is unless shes spending baby daddys money.

  • Juliemango

    Moufy lil1!!!

  • Dizturb'd

    Alimony and child support got her real cocky now, because we know that money ain’t from album sales.

  • Demasiadabella

    Uh oh had a baby with her she better hope she doesn’t end up with custody issues. That’s child endangerment! Idiot!

  • November

    LMBOOOOOO @ Disturb’d! Exactly!

  • team nymphis

    that’s y I don’t have kids.ain’t no fem bout to ride my wallet like a magic carpet.

  • faebae

    She kno she aint got no money. And crashin with a BABY in the car I mean really???

  • I Aint Mad at Ya

    Who ?

  • loc

    I doubt cps will do anything look at all the kids that have died and was abused regularly and cps turned the other cheek….they have too many kids too look after so taking one from a celebrity that has money and is not abusive is not high on their list

  • what!

    Well….u can take the chick out the hood, but u can’t take the hoodrat out the chick lol

  • Truthyeaaahhh

    Spoken like a true hoodrat!

  • Teyana

    I could give two squats if nivea went & cracked her head open cuz her cotton pickin funky tail shudntve gotten behind the wheel in the first place. Shes too damn big for that & as for the baby… Cps please come take this child away.

  • prettynana43

    Smh that’s a dam shame,I hope the baby is ok

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