Ms. ‘Go Girl’ Didn’t Go

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No Cent hit up the BET awards with date Angel Lola Luv. Isn’t he supposedly dating Ciara? That little union seems concocted by CiCi’s record label, but nevertheless, the two were going with it. Poor girl may be getting the Vivica treatment.


  • Kim


  • kahmmillion

    This trick is ugly………..I don’t see what ppl find so cute about her!

  • u dont know me

    cuz she has a fat ass

  • Lex

    She looks like trash….

  • joey b

    they both need a fashion tip!

  • DaNVofTexas

    They both are ugly MoFo damn D-listers

  • Purpple(formerly known as CC)

    I never believed fitty and cierra were together anyway. It just makes no sense in my head. I cant see it.

  • Vee-countin down 2 the weekend...

    Morning Folks. I was wondering when somebody was goin’ say something about these two…


    I heared that they met each other on ‘c a s u a l s e e k . c o m which is a dating club for casual encounter. They like playing on that site and looking for fun.

  • monique

    lola is damn beautiful but she is a dumb hoe with a disfigured body but hey 50 is a hood rat himself

  • princess07

    What is that on Lola’s neck?????

  • He's Presidential

    I didn’t think they were dating either but Ciara was there too though. Lola is not cute to me..

  • RealizReal

    we have a big booty rat and a strange talking gorilla.. PERFECT MATCH:D

  • frank

    king fifty!!!!!!!!!!!

  • SWEET CHEEKS ((As long as Im alive - You'll always have to Settle for 2nd Best))

    Let 50 be with Lola fake behind, cause he’s “wiggidy wack” anyways!!!!

    ..Go Ci-Ci, Go Ci-Ci…

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