Twitter Files: Eric Williams Spazzes On His Ex-Bird Wife Behind Last Nights Episode Of ‘Basketball Wives’!!

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Clean up on aisle 3, messy hoes have spilled everywhere!

So apparently Jennifer Williams has decided that she needed a reason to keep her storyline moving along on this season so instead of getting divorced and shutting the fawk up, she will drag her soon-to-be ex husband through the mud a lil more, ya know…for ratings and whatnot. Well, after last nights episode Eric Williams took to Twitter, then took her to task, pretty funny stuff.

Take a look at Eric’s incoherent tweets below…

Get off the BS Suzieeeeeeeee! Lol

You ain’t gots to lie, you ain’t gots to lie…

#Bust…smh. “Bus” maybe? Just a thought…

We’re pretty sure that he just totally misused the word “thy” but hey, what do we know?

Sexual chocolate ladies and gentlemen…that boy good!


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