Whoops! Did Breezy Accidentally Expose He And Rihanna’s Secret Rekindling?!

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Maybe Breezy should take a break from Twitter. First, he had that Odd Future beef, and now he accidentally showed the world that he seemed to be trying to send Rihanna some pictures.

Didn’t he learn from Anthony Weiner?

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Earlier, a Breezy tweet hit the world: “@RIHANNA you got that pic I sent you?” Soon after the tweet went to the public, it was deleted, making us believe that this was supposed to be a personal message and not a tweet to the world. Too late, buddy. We all saw it.

This makes us ask so many questions:

Are they speaking again?

Do they send personal messages like that?

What kind of picture was it? It could have been anything from a poodle to a naked pic of Breezy doing jumping jacks.

Haven’t they learned anything from their leaked pictures from before?!

Can’t they communicate in some other way that doesn’t get exposed to the world? Text? Phone Call? Smoke signal? Carrier pigeon? Anything?!

These kids…their drama will never end.

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