Welcome To The Puppy Show: Celebrities That Loooooove Their Cleavage

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rosa acosta cleavage

The Internet is a wonderful land full of bare boobies. But when celebrities aren’t willing to bare all, they go for the closest thing: a big heaping helping of cleavage. Here are the most cleavage-y ladies in the celebrity world.

mariah carey

Mariah Carey – Nobody wants to see her twins…so maybe she’d earn money if she showed off these twins, instead. She might as well…they’re out every time we see her anyway.

rosa acosta

Rosa Acosta – She’s either showing off her bendiness or her cleavage. We’re not mad at either. We still think it’s only a matter of time before Playboy comes a’callin’.

coco cleavage

Coco – She’s like the cleavage queen. Great googly moogly. It’s a glorious day whenever Coco take a new picture.

lil kim

Lil Kim – Her cleavage is the only thing relevant about her these days. Because it darn sure isn’t her music career.

pamela anderson

Pamela Anderson – Did you see Baywatch?! She made a whole show based on the bounciness of her cleavage. That’s power.

katy perry

Katy Perry – You know you have a special bit of boobage when it gets banned from Sesame Street. Katy’s chest was too real for Elmo and co. but it’s just right for us.

halle berry

Halle Berry – Even though she’s pushing Golden Girls age, Halle still has the beauty game on lock. Her chest kills the red carpet every time she steps out.


Tocarra – We still hold a grudge that she lost all of that weight…but she’s still flaunting her cleave whenever she gets a chance and we’re not mad at that.

kim kardashian

Kimmy Cakes – Her cakes cast an eclipse over the attention her chest gets, but that doesn’t stop her from having them pop up in a low-cut shirt or dress whenever she can.

sofia vergara

Sofia Vergara – She’s the star of ABC’s Modern Family…well her cleavage is. The directors find a way to make her bounce around at least once an episode.

christina aguilera cleavage

Christina Aguilera – Maybe if she puts out enough boobery then we’ll forget that she forgot the words to the National Anthem. But if she keeps on ballooning, those puppies will only get bigger.

jessica simspon

Jessica Simpson – She hasn’t had a hit song in like 15 years but we still care about her. Why? You see that picture, right? Case closed.

rick ross cleavage

Rick Ross – RAWSE!


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