Diddy Purchases ENYCE Clo. Brand

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According to a Livesteez, Diddy has just acquired the popular ENYCE Clothing Brand:

Word on the street is that Sean “Diddy” Combs has conquered yet another piece of the fashion real estate to add to his ever-growing empire. The music mogul has purchased the popular urban clothing line ENYCE from Liz Claiborne Inc, according to reports. “Enyce is a brand that I have always admired, and they have been a very important player in the young men’s sportswear arena for over a decade. I am really excited to bring it into our portfolio of brands that already includes Sean John and Zac Posen,” Diddy said in a release. “Given our track record of success in marketing products such as Ciroc Vodka, Unforgivable by Sean John, and all of our television titles, I look forward to adding our expertise to an already hot fashion line. Our long-term plan is to grow the Enyce brand through innovative marketing, expansion of the menswear and boy’s lines, and launching into new licensing categories.”

ENYCE has fallen off a bit and if there is anyone who can resurrect this clothing line, it’s Diddy. This is going to be a big project so we sure hope Diddy has Nelly’s number programmed on speed dial.

Read the full Livesteez story here.


  • Hannibal

  • Purpple(formerly known as CC)

    There goes my like for Enyce..well my like for them has been dialing down for a minute now….they were hot like in 98…..

  • Fresh Perspective

    I didn’t know he had Zac Posen. That’s pretty big. Maybe he can resurrect Enyce. He may be annoying at time but he’s stylish and a smart biz man.

  • tara

    i dont know this gentleman . but i got a news from http://www.bigbisexual.com about him . it said that he is dating with a sexual girl who is a very poor ..i dont know , maybe there re something inside . that’s ture

  • A-rab Baby

    is it pronounced e-neechi or e-nice?

  • Chi-Town


    Damyumm dont hold back, tell us how u feel!

  • Injera70

    Really now you should not wish death on no one.


    Good luck with it PD.Hope you lo-balled Claiborne for the rock bottom sale price.

  • http://www.myspace.com/tomboyswagg FallinPoet(Robin Thicke's "Dreamworld" is the sh*t)

    @ A-rab baby

    is it pronounced e-neechi or e-nice?


    e-neechi… i got another Arab in here… we taking over lol..

  • sweet_lies

    diddy’s english isn’t advanced enough to have made such an articulate statement.

  • The_Truth

    **Enyce can be resurrected. . .it’s not AVIREX.

    Puff put some fly Enyce clothes out there, yeah, I’d rock it.





  • persona

    Good for him. Zac Posen is a luxury Brand, Sean Jean is business casual/standard, and Enyce is urban. It looks like he’s reaching out to all levels of fashion. AND, during this recession, I bet he bought it for cheap.

  • NewGuy

    Why didn’t he purchase Johnny Blaze? This is an outrage!!!

  • Lady elle

    yeah I read about this over the exchange tickers yesterday.

    Good Look Mr. Combs

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