They Come Crawling Back: Is Beyonce’s Label Preparing For Her New Album To Flop By Having Her Ride Kelly Rowland’s Newfound Success To A Destiny’s Child Reunion?

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It seems that people are in panic mode over the lackluster reaction to Bey’s leaked album.

Word on the street is that Beyonce’s album is looking pretty underwhelming when it comes to sales potential. So the folks at Columbia are preparing for the worst:

Columbia Records executives fear Beyoncé’s new album, “4,” could be a dud after she refused to return to the studio to re-record new tracks, sources say. “They’re very nervous about Beyoncé’s new record,” an industry insider told us. “It doesn’t have the hit songs that her fans are used to. They asked her to make changes, but she said no.”

Bracing for the worst, Columbia suits are strategizing in case of slower sales and have had “quiet discussions” about the reunion of Destiny’s Child. “Beyoncé’s career has stalled a bit,” a source told us. “Columbia seems to think they can get some mileage out of a comeback record with all of the girls.” Another source tells us Destiny’s Child could start recording together as early as October, with a suggested album title “Family Reunion.”

But Kelly Rowland might not be eager to join forces again. Our source said, “She has her own solo career now, why would she want to be singing back up for Beyoncé?”

A Columbia rep told us, “All I know is that the record came in . . . Nothing was ever discussed to change it.” Beyoncé’s rep said, “All of this is completely untrue. All of it.” Rowland’s rep didn’t get back to us.

Have you heard Bey’s album? Do you think she has anything to worry about or is the album en fuego? Kelly Rowland is probably laughing about this whole situation. Karma is a itchbay.



  • CeCe

    @ foe…. BeYAWNce time is up! She’s not an Icon! Maybe to y’all fans and Stans but to ordinary people we could careless! An icon is Muchael Jackson, Madonna etc…. They are Icons because they took hiatuses and let they’re fans miss them! This is BeWACKce problem, she is always around it makes people sick of her! But I digress! I heard her album and it’s a travesty!!!! Sorry Charlie!!!!!

  • Ms. Gottabody

    @Foe I totally agree with u

  • Brandon T

    Beyonce has ran her course. It’s time for her to be an actress and get knocked up and have kids and focus on other things such as music. I’m not a Beyonce stan or fan, just a man who likes good music. Some of Bey’s music is good but she can do better with this album release.

  • yungplex

    @foe imo cosign ya comments.

  • Yoo

    I love Beyonce but if her album doesnt do well I think its a sign that her time is up and she just get pregnant.

  • CeCe

    @ Brandon T…… Totally agree! I love good music but this album ain’t it! But the Stans and fans beg to differ! She can come out with a song about how her boo boo smell and they’ll still buy and defend that crap!!!!

  • kboo

    I love the album! I think it shows her growth as performer. If she put out an album that sounded like her others that would be no fun. People are gonna hate regardless of what she does. And as for a DC reunion I would love to see that happen but I don’t think it will for a while.

  • gina

    Your vajajay JEALOUS JEANNIE is showing crazzy crazzy!

  • KKO

    She needs to go away? Ummm NO! She was gone for almost a year and people still wanna complain. Her new music is not for everbody and you people would still complain if her new songs sounded like the old ones. And can we please stop trying to make Kelly seem bigger than she is. Kelly has a LONNGGGGGG road to travel before she can come anywhere close to Beyonce. Let us not go there. Kelly had a hit on the R & B charts. Do we really wanna put that up against QUEEN BEY. All this negativity is just un reasonable. But everyone has their opinion so hate on for all I care. I love Beyonce. And its BEY SEASON!

  • Foe

    PREACH KKO!!!!!!!!!!!! Rain rain go away thats what all Bey’s hater say!

  • G.dee

    People are crazy . Every fails at some point. With beyonce I understand why she her told no to new songs and I agree. This girl is not a cowered. Dc reunion I don’t think so. I hope bey says no to it. She has enough money to keep going till the day she dies. With Kelly her manager is being big headed. Beyonce worked had. I cant understand why Kelly could not do the same. had work pays off . I would be surprises if this Is a ploy against beyonce by Kelly’s manager.
    Beyonce on p.Morgan next week and I know he will ask about the reunion. Bey is not stupid. I actually love the songs. What people want is retro music and I don’t want that.
    Once Kelly has had a hit with only her name to the song without her ft any one else then I will give her credit.
    For now am not a fun. I don’t even like the sound of voice.
    Beyonce takes chances, she is a risk taker. And this are the people who always do well.

  • G.fee

    At Michele . She cannot dance I was very disappointed when she joined strictly come dancing uk. It was herendouse. Her voice is not strong either u can see why she was backup.

  • Ina

    I don’t know about bey season, it’s more like Rhianna,Gaga and Adelle’s season. Charts don’t lie. We tired of this girl


    […] on the street is that Beyonce’s album is looking pretty underwhelming when it comes tosales potential. So the folks at Columbia are preparing for the worst: Columbia Records executives fear […]

  • believe it

    I said before her album is amazing not as commercial as rihanna or lady gaga it really is different for her.I think she needs help picking single ,the song I care on her album is strong and a good single. The song countdown is hott if you like rihanna or gaga you wont like beys new album its real music

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