Random Ridiculousness: Colorado Set To Axe Circumcision Costs From Medicaid For Money Moral Reasons

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The political red tape with legislation is getting ridiculous. Now they’re messin’ with the babies. So, Colorado crept through the window of opportunity and passed this bill to save a couple hundred thousand because it’s becoming increasingly unpopular to have your baby boys circumcised. We want to to know – is this is about money or morale?

Colorado will end coverage for routine circumcisions under Medicaid next month, adding to what’s become a national debate over the once widely-accepted procedure.

The change, which takes effect July 1, is expected to save the state $186,500 a year.

The issue has been contentious in California, where San Francisco is set to be the first city to hold a public vote on banning circumcision.

Supporters say male circumcision is a form of genital mutilation that parents should not be able to force on their young children.

Jewish and Muslim families are challenging the San Francisco proposal in court, claiming it violates their right to practice their religion and decide what’s best for their children.

The whole “parents should not be able to force [circumcision] on their young children” is absolutely ridiculous! In our day, you just didn’t have a choice in some matters and guess what, you survive. How about giving parents the option at the hospital for a small fee because it’s clear that it doesn’t cost much. SMH at the antiquated political process we still have in place today.



  • God's_Angel

    How about the fact that circumcision helps reduce the rate of HIV transmission? Or is that not important?

  • raveit

    @godsangel…..exactly right! Or to help prevent any other infection possible. Like I said its offered here but you gotta pay a pretty penny for it.

  • diane

    This is crazy I mean I’m glad I have insurance and don’t have to rely on medicaid but now your saying poor baby boys have to be put at risk for higher rates of infections and stds!!!! This is bullsh*t I’m outdone

  • meg

    Yall are dumb as f*ck…so brainwashed. doctors will tell you anything & you believe it. removing the foreskin actually leaves the d*ck more prone to infections & stds. the foreskin is there for a reason…its protects it. removing it can damage the d*ck. you dont have to do any extra to make sure its clean. its proven that men w/ uncircumsized penises have better sex than those who are circumsized. why would you let someone cut your baby like that in a procedure that is totally unnecessary & dangerous? i have a cousin who had a botched circumcision & had problems peeeing in bed all the way into his teenage years because of it. stop believing everything these so called “health experts” say.

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