Everybody Hates Chris: A History Of People Breezy Has P*ssed Off

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chris brown

Chris Brown used to be the innocent, pop-locking boy that everybody loved. After beating down his woman and going on various twitter rants, Breezy has become public enemy #1 for so many people.

Don’t believe us? Here’s a list.


Rihanna – She had good reason to hate Chris. He beat her up! But after the short time of not speaking, it looks like they’re at least cordial to each other.

joe budden chris brown

Joe Budden – After Joe Budden was the center of attention thanks to his alleged beat down of Esther Baxter, he tweeted a joke about needing to rock a blue bow tie like Chris Brown did at the Larry King Show. Breezy didn’t like this joke and a short Twitter beef was born.

odd future

Odd Future – These guys are antagonists to the core. They hate everyone. So Breezy should have expected shots to get thrown his way. At least they were able to clear it up.

raz b

Raz B – This was the softest, wackest R&Beef we’d ever seen. What, were they going to Twitpic shots of their best pop locks to see who won? But things got worse for Breezy because…

gay men

His Tweets pissed off gay people! You can’t go around spouting out “homo” and all kinds of homophobic crap and not expect the goons to come out. This was almost as bad for his career as the Rihanna thing.


Usher – After seeing Breezy on jet skis chilling and having a blast right after the Rihanna incident, Usher said he needed Brown to show some remorse. Things died down after that but Usher wasn’t too pleased.

jay z

Jay-Z – Jigga was ready to call his Illuminati connections and have Brown’s nuts hanging from the window of a large building while his head is used as Jay’s paper weight. All because Chris laid hands on Jay’s buddy Rih Rih.


Oprah – Oprah, who’s had her fair share of abuse from men, wanted Breezy to find some mental help. Since then, she’s moved on to trying to get O.J. to confess. Good luck.


Ne-Yo – Fun times for Ne-Yo. He tried to rap over the “A Milli” beat and toss shots at Chris Brown. Yawn. We bet Ne-Yo is going to slap Chris if they ever came face to face.


Good Morning America – Ah, so Breezy doesn’t like when people ask him questions about the most famous incident of his life. Boo hoo. When Good Morning America did it, Brown lost his damn mind and broke things. Pull it together.


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