Congratulations: Nike Re-Signs Philadelphia Eagles Quarterback Michael Vick!!

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  • April Gross

    thats whats up!!!

  • King Beef

    YEEESSSSS! I used to rock Vicks all time! This goes to show that you can?t keep a good man down whose got his mind focused!

  • rob

    Get it Mike Vick.We are ready for some football.

  • adolph

    Who cares about this criminal,Philly should have learned from mcnabb that black qb’s don’t win Super Bowls. It’s a fact

  • King Beef

    No shade being thrown, but all those who hate Vick because of what happened, i?m sure you all live a perfect sinless life.

  • King Beef

    Doug Williams won a Super Bowl. He is black.

  • Gorgeous

    God is god!!!!

  • Congratulations: Nike Re-Signs Philadelphia Eagles Quarterback Michael Vick!! (via Bossip) « I Don't Make The News

    […] Mike Vick is gonna make it rain on the haters with this one!! CNBC's Darren Rovell reported on Friday that Nike and Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Michael Vick have agreed to a new deal, four years after Nike terminated its contract with Vick due to his arrest on dogfighting charges. "Michael acknowledges his past mistakes,” Nike spokesman Derek Kent told Rovell. "We do not condone those actions, but we support the positive changes he has made t … Read More […]

  • nikkislim


    Doug Williams won the Super Bowl and he’s a Black MAN. Beat the s*** outta John’Boy’ Elway and the Broncos.

    You must be pissed that Blacks dominate EVERY sport: football, basketball, baseball(latin blacks) golf, they even making a mark in hockey.

  • adolph

    Wow my bad 1 black qb won a super bowl out of like 50 super bowls, way back in the 80s Lmao. Actually white guys are pretty dominant in basketball now a days just ask the Miami Heat and queen James about NBA Champion Dirk .

  • southernswagg

    Somebody said it before but I feel if necessary to reiterate: U CAN’T KEEP A GOOD BLACK MAN GOOD DOWN!!! I’m proud of Mike Vick and pray he keep makin it rain on em


    […] Rovell. “We do not condone those actions, but we support the positive changes he has made to better himself off the […]

  • nikkislim

    Adolph, white guys are NOT dominating any sport, well maybe lacross, do not forget that the sista lovin Dirk would not have won the championship if he didn’t have all those beautiful talented BLACK MEN helping him. As stated before : U CAN’T KEEP A GOOD BLACK MAN DOWN!!!!!!!!!
    Team Vick all the way!!!!!!

  • King Beef

    Yeah white quarterbacks won more Super Bowls, because blacks were not given a chance at that position for many years. White people dominating basketball, c?mon son.

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