When Pigs Fly: Breezy Says He’d Love To Work With _________

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Chris Brown and Beyonce

One of these peeps is not like the other — well there is the whole blonde dancing machine thing — but this seems like a lofty goal. Breezy took to Twitter yesterday for a lil wishful thinking about who he’d like to collaborate with.

Chris Brown says he wants to work with Beyonce

Breezy talks about him and beyonce dancing

Now we know a whole slew of artists have forgiven Breezy for “the incident.” And even Rihanna seems to have turned a new leaf, if Twitter is any indication. But would BRAND BEYONCE come anywhere close to Chris after all the antics he’s pulled. Would hubby Hov be okay with it?

Chris Brown Beyonce

Even in these old photos, Beyonce looks more like she’s taking shots with a fan — not another artist she’s comfortable working with. We all know there is a big difference between what Keri Hilson would do and what BeyBey is down with.

Is it just us or does Breezy need a reality check?

Check out what else Chris has been up to on Twitter:


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