For The Stans: Kelly And Bey Let Michelle Be Great… Destiny’s Child Reunion Confirmed

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destinys child

Don’t call it a comeback… they been here for years. The highly anticipated Destiny’s Child Reunion you’ve been waiting for is on its way. While BOSSIP was in New Orleans for the Essence Music Festival, Beyonce’s dad Mathew Knowles revealed that the group is currently working on a new album.

Is anybody shocked by this?

Not us… But we are kind of surprised that Baby Daddy Matty is still being allowed to make announcements on behalf of the group.

Wasn’t he supposed to be busy “working with” Juanita Bynum?


  • yAaaaaaaaa

    If this is true…god has answer my prayers….from is was 8 when they came out with their leather outfits I love these chicks…it would be more amazing if the original group got back together but that’s not gonna happen! :(

  • mike

    Interesting. They lace front wearing heffers are back! I guess the notion that “girls run this world” was their “motivation”…

  • Well

    Beyonce’s album may not be doing so well if this is the case. She needs her backup(s) plan. If they truly get back together, I hope they ALL share the spotlight.

  • wow

    Beyonce is a bihhhhh. When things not working for her she call the girls. Let Kelly shine by her lonesome.

  • kek040

    I’m excited…how is kelly shinning by herself with one great song in how many years….. Why does everyone make a big deal out of everything. These girls are like family and I don’t think we can do anything to stop that……

  • Yeah I Said It...

    Yeah..funny how now she wants to be in on a reunion..what timing..SMDH!!

  • pretty-nyc

    The #’s don’t come out on soundscan until next week on Beyonce’s (4)album….how is it not successful? Kelly has one hit on her 3rd solo try, and u say Beyonce’ needs her? WTH? They were a group first, And are friends….the group didn’t die. They did solo projects
    Bey’s CD is nice too….don’t sleep

  • Muffy

    Ummm…that doesnt sound promising. I think they retired ay the perfect time. They were great back then but a reunion now just seems weird. And I always felt bad for michelle. She just never seemed to fit in my opinion. Good luck to them I guess.

  • The Ninja Kitty

    Um u obviously dnt know squat about dc & their fallout. I used to love them too. Smh i wish it were the original girls. michelle cant sing a lick. Beyonce is annoyin & kelly.. well let’s see how long till beyawnce kicks her off stage. Wheres that former member? The one who was in mcdonalds… She still there? o.o

  • kemmicee

    wow! Those girls are good together. I hope they stay together this time

  • Well

    Beyonce’s album is boring. In my opinion it does not measure up to her previous albums. She claims she writes 72 songs every year, but why only 12 tracks…just a thought. Anything for a buzz? A reunion sounds nice, but let’s be honest groups are lame now. Everyone is out for self in the industry. This reunion will be short until that somebody makes it big again and go solo again. Think about rechargeable batteries.

  • msbliss

    1st I don’t believe this BUT if its true I no longer am rooting for kelly. She finally has the chance for a real career but she’d rather be beyonce’s sidekick. I wonder how much those leashes cost that matthew & beyonce have on kelly & michelle’s neck!

  • Nikki

    Kelly is dumb for this, her career is just taking off and here comes Matt Knowles swooping back in to drag her down again, they must know that Beys album is going to flop because normally her albums have at least a 2 year run and they try to put out every single, so to be discussing a DC album this soon after hers came out is suspect UggghhhNN SMDH!!


    So Basically there helping beyonce Career…these girls are always going to be in beyonce shadow…Smdh…kelly is finally getting her 15 min of Fame…lol…I would have said no to the reunion.

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