The Thirst: Leann Rimes Is A ‘Kini Rockin’ Twitpickin’ Toothpick Shaped Attention Whore

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Leann Rimes

What a lil thirstbox! Leann Rimes — you know that country sangin’ man snatchin’ husband ditchin’ homewreckin’ attention whore — is back at it again with the bikini pictures. She must’ve gained two pounds or something and wants the whole world to know because she was tweeting pictures of herself rockin’ a bikini in Malibu while SWEARIN’ she’s got a curvy body.

Leann Rimes

Leann Rimes

Leann tweets a picture of her curves

Okay so she may have a lil something to talk about in the backyard… but not much!

In the meantime she definitely wants us to know she’s eating:

Leann Rimes sushi

Leann tweets about ice cream

More shots on the flip…


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