Race Matters: 18 Year-Old Black Teenager Faces 8 Years In Prison For High School Prank In Indiana

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Soooo Casey Anthony is “not-guilty”, but this kid is facing 8 years?!?

When 18-year-old Tyell Morton put a blow-up sex doll in a bathroom stall on the last day of school, he didn’t expect school officials to call a bomb squad or that he’d be facing up to eight years in prison and a possible felony record.

The senior prank gone awry has raised questions of race, prosecutorial zeal and the post-Columbine mindset in a small Indiana town and around the country, The Indianapolis Star reported in its Tuesday editions.

Legal experts question the appropriateness of the charges against Morton, and law professor Jonathan Turley at George Washington University posed a wider question about Morton’s case on his legal blog.

“The question is what type of society we are creating when our children have to fear that a prank (could) lead them to jail for almost a decade. What type of citizens are we creating who fear the arbitrary use of criminal charges by their government?”

There seems to be a overwhelming sense that the charges that Tyell are facing are completely off base.

“I know there has been plenty of pranks done at that school,” said Morton’s mother, Cammie Morton. “I went to that school. When I heard what they was charging him for, my heart just dropped.”

“Their reaction is understandable, but use the school disciplinary process,” he said. “Don’t try to label the kid a felon for the rest of his life.”- Joel Schumm, Indiana University School of Law professor

Then there is the a**hole prosecutor, Philip J. Caviness

“I’m pretty comfortable with the charges that we’ve filed,”

Give this kid a fine and some community service. Stop with the grandstanding and trumped up charges.



  • gina

    Y’all mixed folks…might want to pay attention …..

  • nina

    This is bull shyt. Poor kid.

  • k

    How come my comments are not being posted

  • Christielove1468

    Law enforcement are seriously overreacting! I could understand if he set a homemade bomb in the bathroom or brought firearms to school, but for Tyell to face 8 years for bringing a blowup doll to school,that is ridiculous! And yet that baby killer Casey Anthony was found not guilty despite killing her own child,she got off scott free. They need to just give him a fine and community service,he dont deserve to be incarcerated,smdh.

  • Christielove1468

    Sounds like Tyell’s mother,Cammie Morton,better contact Al Sharpton for help ASAP!

  • G Howe Black

    Stop that Lil Bow Wow

  • sad

    Wow eight years??!! That’s messed up, hopefully this kid will get out of it. Just hope They let him go. I didn’t read the full story but what was the purpose of the bomb squad? I’m read more about this. And I don’t like to pull the race card but ummmm I hear of pranks being pulled at schools all the time and I’ve not seen anybody “else” facing 8 years. Interesting!! I wish this kid well.

  • gina

    Rflol…AL Sharpton always “get’s paid”! You can’t pay him, the NAACP or Jesse Jackson all the money in the world to bring their pimp azz BS to small town INDIANA! LIGHT SKINNED Y’ALL AIN’T WHITE OK! YOU CANNOT DO WHITE KIDS BS and get away with it.

  • Frank

    Sometimes you have to laugh to cry. Are you kidding me?

  • AHoward

    I am from Louisville KY and this is a PRIME example why I don’t take my black a$$ to Indiana!!!

  • Real mixed

    This kid.is clearly not mixed….whoever said mixec people listen up, what for? im mixed white dad black mom and I have never experienced racism anywhere ive gone. I live in fairfield, ohio and hang with who I want, date whatevrt girl I want. I think racisn exists from all races but not in the capacity this website would allow u to think. Btw….i circle or choose biracial or multiracial on census papers or other official docs. No one is forcing mixed people to choose black.

  • gina

    You be okay in Indy…just stay out of becksters hometown….greenfield, plainfield, greenwood etc …bony skinny and fat azz becksters drive in town 24/7 trollimg for black men in Indianapolis. And guess what Black men “marry” black females ….and you see black mothers and fathers at Costco, at church and everywhere with “their” black Children. Nope we are not mad at beckster…and they are usually real cool especially the ones that ask can you show me how to comb my childrens hair. Come to Indiana Black Expo….you will be and have fun :-) Alll those new niccas oh well….they were trying to clown black folks, their children at school, calling folks ninjas….till Governor Mitch signed the immigration laws and let immigration arrest a few. Now they trying to join the NAACP and buy booths at Indiana Black Expo..lol.

  • gina

    Real mixed….you know your really lying to yourself! Your yellow azz will do like all the rest when you get in trouble. Poor thang even white folks talk about the racism in Ohio and Indiana. Do you live on a farm or a country road? Did you graduate high school? Are you so light you think your white? That boy is mixed! Fairfield Ohio….come on now ;-)

  • King Beef

    Man it is amazing how some people can fool themselves into believing racism does not exist on a large scale, because I am black I will speak from a black perspective. Personally I feel it is a privilege to have melanin. To those who feel like blacks want to force bi racial people to choose black is bull ish. White people already chose that for you. We do not need no one who hates their black side and you can gladly do what you do, because that is your right. Do not fvck up because they will definitly show you who they really think you are.

  • gina

    Both my parents are black biracial/mixed ok!. I am “lighter” than the young man featured! And my siblings have are lighter than me…yea we got light eyes and wavy hair….we have been called the mixed BS and went to battle about it…..WE ARE BLACK African AMERICANS! Pick what you want “biracial” but you really need to stop LYING! YOU HAVE BEEN INSULTED AND YOU KNOW IT. Anything with “field or ville” in Indiana or Ohio …..hummmm.usually some PWT! Yes as term of endearment we will let a redbone or yellow child slide among family …but we dont play that division mess!

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