Coon Of The Day: Gucci Mane Released From Prison, Goes Directly To The Strip Club

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gucci mane released from prison

Gucci Mane was released from prison last night and went straight to the strip club. He did not pass go. He did not collect $200.

After months of incarceration and several false reports, Atlanta rapper Gucci Mane is officially now a free man. The Atlanta rapper was released from prison late last night (July 5th). He took to Twitter to announce a new mixtape and his welcome home party. Gucci Mane celebrated his release by hosting the “Welcome Home Party” at Club Onyx in Atlanta.

Gucci Mane had been incarcerated since April, when he was accused of assault, for pushing a woman out of a moving vehicle, when she allegedly refused his propositioned for sex.

SMH. How is this fool gonna get out of jail and then go DIRECTLY to the strip club??? WTF??

At least he’s out of jail now, good for him.

Via AllHipHop

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