Epitome Of A Bad Mother: This Trifling Broad Has Her Four-Year-Old “Helping” Her Reach World’s Fattest Woman Goal

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Donna Simpson and daughter jacqueline

Normally we reserve this title for babykillers and child molestors but we truly believe this monster is doing devastating psychological damage to her toddler by having her participate in driving her towards an inevitable death by obesity.

Donna Simpson and daughter Jacqueline

This broad Donna Simpson already holds the Guinness World Record for fattest woman to give birth. When she had lil Jacqueline four years ago it took a team of 30 medics to safely deliver her via a high-risk C-section.

She’s gained 168 lbs since then!!! Currently 700lbs, Donna wants to gain enough to top the scales at 1008 lbs! Even worse — after splitting with her boyfriend and “feeder” Philippe Gouamba she is using her kid to help her do it. WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH HER???

The single mother-of-two, who eats over 15,000 calories a day to sustain her weight gain, struggles to get around and enlists the help of Jacqueline to buy and prepare food.

The New Jersey mother told Closer magazine: She helps me cook and comes shopping. I use a scooter to get around the store and she runs ahead to get my favourite foods.

‘Anyone who says I’m setting a bad example should shut their mouth – they don’t know how much I love her.’

And Donna, who struggles to walk and suffers high blood pressure, heart disease and diabetes, says that Jacqueline adores her large stomach.

‘She’s my little angel,’ she says.

In contrast to her mother, Donna says Jacqueline eats healthily. ‘She loves salad and plays sports,’ she insists.’I’ve taught her to accept all sizes. If she wasn’t around to feed me, I’d have given up on my supersize dream.’

This lady is crazy. Even if the kid doesn’t end up eating badly or being obese, can you imagine the psychological effect it will have on her if her mom dies AFTER she’s helped feed her to DEATH???

To make matters worse — there are some sick individuals out there who are egging Donna on by PAYING to look at pictures of her eating!

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