Baby Mama Drama: Bow Wow Isn’t On His 2-Month-Old Daughter’s Birth Certificate???

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Bow Wow and Miss Joie

You know all that new parent pride and involvement Bow Wow was showing off last week, 8-9 weeks into his daughter’s life? Apparently none of that was there the day she was born. Which was in April, not June.

According to TMZ, Bow Wow took so long to make it his business to go meet his newborn baby girl, that baby mama Miss Joie didn’t put him on Shai’s birth certificate.

Joie Chavis tells TMZ … she was shocked that B.W. wasn’t there for her when she went under the knife for an emergency C-section on April 27. And if Bow Wow’s excuse was squeamishness, it didn’t explain his absence in the days that followed.

He finally showed up on the 6th day of the baby’s life, to take them home.

Pissed as she was, Joie tells us Bow Wow has turned it around and now is all about baby Shai.

Joie says she’s now willing to let bygones be bygones and put Bow Wow on the document, but it’s going to take a judge to make that happen.

SMH. If she’s doing spiteful isht like this already, maybe Bow Wow wasn’t so wrong to throw her under the bus the way he did

But really? We’re gonna need these two to find better ways to communicate for their daughter’s sake.


  • mama

    How is she being spiteful by not listing him as the dad. When he wasn’t there until 6 days after the baby was born. She was pregnant and had an emergency c section. and he wrote that disrespectful letter to his fans talking $%#* about his daughters mother.

    He needs to learn respect!!!! You hit it raw and y’all was in a relationship! God blessed her with a child!!!!!

  • Theworldjustkeepsonturnin

    Why put his name on the birth certificate if he’s not willing to acknowledge that the baby is his. Besides that i thought if the parents weren’t married the father had to be there in person to sign off on being listed on the birth certificate as the childs father.

  • Bbeautifull

    I agree with both ppl above me
    Why should she acknowlege him az a dad if he not actin like one.

  • Keira

    DUH,wth would she list him as the father when he wouldn’t ackowledge the baby?Besides unless he was there in the hospital to sign off and have a witness at the hospital seeing him sign off than she could not list him even if she wanted to.They will not let you anywhere near those bc papers with out the hospital rep being there,im guessing just incase a woman tries to forge names-because in that case i can have a baby and claim it is .chris brown’s-lol see where im going with this?

  • so what?

    Good for her! And the baby shouldn’t have his surname either until he steps up to the plate.

  • Kyra

    She Shouldnt Have Have o2 He Wasnt Being A Father Anyways . Fckk Him

  • me

    Maybe he wasn’t there because he was waiting for a DNA test before he started claiming the baby

  • Lala


  • please

    Ummmm ima go on a limb and say he was waiting on the DNA test. Any man who is not 100% sure is a damn fool to sign the birth certificate. If a man signs it and then finds out the baby isn’t his he still has to pay child support if the woman decides to put him on. Soooo I’m not really seeing the problem, 6 days was probably how long it took for the DNA test…
    BTW ima woman, so don’t think I’m just another man supporting dead beats.

  • Cici & Coco -The Besties

    & this is coming from a site that uplifts ho’s instead of actual women. Why should she have listed him as the father?? Now he knows handle ur business big boy. See & she’s woman enough to let it go. Get on her level. Smh

  • td

    Omg u people are ridiculous! We know how important a dad is in a child’s life yet people want to write them off bcuz they weren’t around for the first couple of weeks? Yeah he was wrong but get over it the baby doesn’t know the difference. In addition that chick is not going to KEEP him off the birth certificat bcuz I’m sure she wants that child support so that’s a bunch of bs. I am sure she had no choice in the matter bcuz he wasn’t there. On another note black people we have to stop making all these babies with “boyfriends and girlfriends” And women if a “man” wants you to plan a baby with him, he shd be marrying you first! Don’t fall for that bs line.

  • Love ymcmb

    She want that child support but she didn’t add him to her birth Certificate!! That’s mess up & spiteful…he had 2make sure the baby his b4 he cud of been there I dnt blame bow I wudnt wanna b there if I didn’t knw If the baby mines or not.. Mayb she wasn’t sure her self that’s y she didn’t add him.. Well all that matter 2 me is that he there 4 his daughter now!!! & so what if he says what he says about his baby momma he has the rite to express him self…..

  • M

    That wasn’t spiteful to leave him off the birth certficate, he wasn’t there so she probably didn’t feel like he’d ever come around. Some women are difficult but some men are as equallly difficult. It’s good to see he’s finally coming around, while the child is still young. Hopefully they can maintain a friendship for the sake of the child.

  • http://Kwill34 Keasha williams

    Come on people she can’t list him as the father unless they’re married. Hell if you could list a guy without being married a lot of guys would be in trouble.

  • Babe

    If the father isn’t present to sign the birth certificate at the time the people come with the forms at the hospital, then he can’t be listed on the affidavit of paternity form. Once they show proof that they baby is his then it’ll be up to him to want to go to court to get his name put as the father on the birth certificate.

    It’s not her fault that his name isn’t on there bcuz had he been present at that time he could’ve got his name put on. Both parents have to show IDs b4 u sign the affidavit of paternity form.

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