Third Time’s The Fail: Halle’s Loser Stalker Popped At Her Crib

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Hale Berry picks Nahla up from school

The problem with crazy people is that they never know when to quit.

After having the cops called on him and making the news twice in just as many days, TMZ reports the crazy man spotted in Halle Berry’s front yard on Saturday came back for a third try at… whatever on Monday. And guess what happened this time.

Law enforcement sources say the man jumped over the back wall at Halle’s home right around 11PM Monday night. This time her private security — off-duty police officers — were watching the suspect on a security camera as he entered the grounds.

They quickly nabbed the guy and called LAPD officers to the scene — who arrested and booked him on suspicion of felony stalking.

We’re told police believe this is the same man Halle spotted in her backyard Saturday and Sunday … prompting an all out search for the suspect.

You didn’t see this coming? Please get your life together, stalker man. You couldn’t have let the heat die down and delayed your stalking by a week or something?


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