Ignorant I$ A$ Ignorant Doe$: Dumba$$ Floyd Mayweather $ets $ome Gwap On Fire At An Atlanta Nightclub! [PICS]

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floyd mayweather burning money at the club

We’re in a recession and unemployment is higher than a crack fiend and THIS is how you act?!?

According to TMZ reports:

A recession-proof Floyd Mayweather Jr. literally has money to burn — and proved it by setting a $100 bill on FIRE inside an Atlanta nightclub this weekend.

Floyd was partying with Lil Kim and Gucci Mane at the Velvet Room during the conflagration Sunday night — and we’re told, there were plenty more bills where that came from … Floyd was rolling with STACKS of hundreds.

We should mention: it’s illegal to burn money … so if the Feds decide to pursue an investigation, Floyd could face up to six months behind bars, and, ironically, a $100 fine.

Fighting inflation, one bill at a time.

Aside from the legal aspect, the isht is just plain disrespectful. It’s one thing to make it rain, at least that money will go to an somebody that probably needs it. But setting money on FIRE?!

Somebody shoulda slapped him…

Peep additional flicks of the the fkery below.


  • 7lady

    He got money to burn huh? Somebody shouldve lit his dumb azz on fire smh.

  • Bebop84

    In my Rick James’ voice “Shoulda never gave gave ya’ll n*ggas money!”

  • Bebop84

    In my best Rick James’ voice “Shoulda never gave y’all n***as money” .

  • Common Cent$

    This idiot I guess mike tyson didn’t teach this fool nothing oh well another one bites the dust

  • Yeas

    Burning money to prove a point in a damn recession, he can’t even box that good. When he finally decides to face Pacman, steroids or not, then maybe ill say he has talent but he always boxes the same lol anyways Heath Ledger looked better burning money as the Joker than this fool.

  • Janay

    Black athletes and rappers need to stop throwing their materialism in the face of others. It looks silly and immature but it is also highly offensive given there are real issues out here facing black communities where unemployment is up to 30 percent. We gotta do better. All those white folks on tmz were talking about how this imbecile could have gave it to a homeless man outside that club or something. It’s embarSsing how insensitive these men can be sometimes.

  • Frank

    I hope the Feds apply the full force of the law. This is a violation of Title 18,section 333 of the United States Code.

    It is hard to catch someone burning money but this brother made it easier for the Secret Service.

    Go get him!

  • Koko

    How ignorant n stupid of him its people starving n homeless y not go b a blessing to a person n need instead of being so silly our black people r so embarrasing n lil kim looks so stupid grow up

  • BrItBrat

    I always couldn’t stand Floyd! He’s so arrogant & narcissistic! So u mean to tell me tht he couldn’t think of anything else to do with that money besides burn it? Donation, taking your mom on vacation, heck even taking your self on vacation! or even feeding the poor… I tell u one thing, this Negro right here is straight ignorant!!

  • StuckInDaMatrix

    What an ignorant clown! He doesnt even have anything going on besides boxing. Wait about 10 years we’ll hear about his destitution and bankruptcy. These rapper love to flaunt money but won’t put a dime in the Black community.

  • StuckInDaMatrix

    * these rappers and athletes sorry about that damn cell phone smh.

  • thereal212

    Lil Kim is looking good, but I could have used that 100

  • http://www.cj.com King

    Damn! Thats money’s worth around 161,700 in my country.

  • YOYO

    @ KING where you 4rm homie?

  • JYM

    Obvious effects of brain damage from taking one too many shots to the head..
    *with a huge dollop of ignorance too.
    You can’t help but to feel bad for him. In a few years he’ll be wishing for that same money he burned..if you don’t believe me, ask Mc Hammer.

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