Casey Anthony Jury Foreman Explains Why They Let Her Walk On Those Felony Charges

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Casey Anthony Jury

For the last week, many have wondered how anyone could possibly not find Casey Anthony guilty of ANY involvement in her baby girl Caylee’s death.

The foreman who lead the jury in her case has finally offered up an explanation… and it’s exactly what we would have guessed.

The foreman of the jury in the Casey Anthony trial said that his work experience trained him in reading people, which made him suspicious of the testimony of Casey Anthony’s father, George Anthony, a report says.

The juror, who wanted to remain nameless, told Fox News that the trial was a time he will “never forget.”
He explained to the network that many of the jurors did not believe the testimony of Casey’s father George Anthony.

“He had a very selective memory for me, and that in itself was something I always kept in the back of my mind,” the foreman said, adding that other jurors had similar reactions, reports Fox News. “There was a suspicion of him, that was a part of our conversation that we had.”

He also noted that the absence of an official cause of death raised a lot of doubt among the jurors.

Yeah, we started giving George Anthony the side-eye when he kept making Casey’s lawyers ask him the same simple questions two and three times.



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