Is Ne-Yo Swirling??

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This is a picture of Neyo with Euro singer Duffy, last night attending, Le Metier De Beaute cosmetics at Bergdorf Goodman in NY. We really don’t know if they are together or not, but we could not find pictures of him cuddled up with Eve or Mariah. Awww, he looks happy…SMH

Pictures below of Maalak Rock,  MiMi, Nick, and Eve…

Check under the hood for a couple more photos…

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  • Purpple

    If Neyo is swirling its not with a woman.

  • Da R

    please, he’s still trying to fool people. it’s not working.

  • kahmmillion

    I hope note, cause that lady’s face looks like a horse.

    Mariah really changed Nick.

  • mandah... 21 like Black Jack and a sucka for a white russian ;)

    who the F2#$k is Maalak Rock?

  • dreaemns

    she is so beautiful. It’s reported she posted her personal videos on a celebrity dat ing club “lovingrich–com” Can’t believe it. She is too crazy. Seems many other celebs were also found there.

  • Anton Slizzardhands

    She pipin for trackz

    YA DIG

  • Ieshia


  • Don't mind me

    what a bunch of shallow narrowminded arsholes you all are

  • MsJaxon--It's Friday!!

    That chick is hit..either way he’s not with a HER…

    I do love the Miss Independent “Remix”..the whole CD is good


    Im pretty sure NE-YO is just producing a track or two for Duffy. That child got some pipes on her two. She is like Amy Winehouse, but sober.


    @ Mandah

    Malaak Rock is Chris Rocks’s wife.

  • Black To Tha Bone AKA The Swirl King

    Why would an ambitious intelligent brotha like Ne-Yo cuddle up with a fake wannabe blonde such as Eve when the sweet delicious and 100% genuine Duffy exists? She got me begging her for mercy shonuff.

  • Black To Tha Bone AKA The Swirl King

    @ Daywalker

    My brotha “beat that” is no way to talk about the sweet divine union between black man and white woman. It’s a gentle act of devotion that often brings me to tears. Its that emotional.

  • sweet_lies

    neyo does not date women! c’mon now…

  • sweet_lies

    mariah’s shoes look like moonpies and her face looks like someone should be calling her “nana”

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