One Of The Brooklyn Baby Butcher’s Neighbor’s Says That The Jewish Jigsaw Tried To Kidnap Her Son Too!!

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This guy might just be worse off than we could have imagined…

A woman who lives three doors down from “the Butcher of Brooklyn” said yesterday that the madman had tried to kidnap her young son right off their block, but that she scared him away with her screams.

“The story is true. We’re going through a lot of trauma here,” Zisa Berkowitz told The Post from her East Second Street home, steps from where Levi Aron admittedly suffocated 8-year-old Leiby Kletzky with a bath towel in Aron’s Kensington attic apartment.

NYPD detectives spoke to the mom on Wednesday, just hours after Aron was arrested for Kletzky’s murder and dismemberment.

The alleged kidnap attempt occurred within the past two years, sources said, and is further evidence of Aron’s longtime freakish fascination with young boys.

A former neighbor who grew up across the street said the “oddball . . . used to give kids rides in cars.”

Aron later moved to Tennessee, where his creepy stare freaked out customers at the kosher deli where he worked as a butcher. He was married briefly before bolting back to Brooklyn.

A Facebook “friend” told the iPad news publication The Daily that Aron had written on the site that “he likes Brooklyn more than Tennessee because there are more boys here.”

Apparently, the neighbor’s son was very aware that there was something strange about Mr. Aron.

He stalked the 11-year-old in Borough Park with the same Honda he used to abduct Leiby, the sources said.

“[He] was walking home on his block when he noticed a gold car was tailing him,” a source said. “He kept turning around, feeling suspicious, and kept noticing the car was there, so he broke into a run and quickly went home to tell his parents.”

Good job young man! In a time where people seem to be more deranged than ever, parents need to teach their kids to haul a$$ if they sense that something is wrong, out of place, or just plain creepy.



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