Tyra Banks looking to be "Hooked Up", Desperate for Man

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Via New Daily News:

Does rich, beautiful Tyra Banks really need Maya Angelou to get her a date? “The dating thing is hard, Dr. Angelou. It is so hard,” Banks complained on the celebrity poet’s XM Satellite Radio show. “Do you know anybody?” Banks asked. Angelou replied: “I think you need to let it be known that you’re interested.” Banks answered: “Yes, I am, and I know you know somebody that’s a nice, upstanding young gentleman that you can hook me up with.” What better use of Angelou’s Presidential Medal of Arts and 35 honorary degrees?

Lets go down the Tyra Banks Sexroll:

Italian entrepreneur and former basketball star Giancarlo Marcaccini, Seal, Tiger Woods, Chris Webber, John Singleton, Mark Messier, former New York Ranger, investment banker Craig Davis, Craig Taylor, Michael Jordan, ..the list goes on, and on..you get the picture.

All that advice Tyra is dishing out on her show and she can’t even keep still with a guy. Obviously she must be putting out too early and have a reputation as a jump off, or have the dreaded Halle Berry syndrome. Not too many “upstanding young gentlemen” like the thought of knowing the names of over 10 guys who dipped in your panties. It may make them wonder about all the names they don’t know.

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