Question Of The Day: Should Evelyn Be Mad That Jen Called Chad What He Is An Attention Whore?

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evelyn lozada and jennifer williams

Monday night’s episode of “Basketball Wives” showed you the moment we told you was coming… the tension between BFF’s Evelyn Lozada and Jennifer Williams reached an all time high after Evelyn received the audio from a radio interview Jennifer did in Ohio where she called Evelyn’s fiance Chad Ochocinco an “Attention Whore” and questioned why she’d want to go “down that road again” after already being involved in a bad situation with another athlete.

After being confronted, Jen defended herself by saying she’d told Evelyn how she felt face to face and that what she said was true. Evelyn said she was most hurt not about what she said but that SHE said it. Evelyn stormed out — and Jennifer was shown falling into tears. Tami and Shaunie brought Jennifer to Evelyn’s room in hopes of coming to a resolution. But Evelyn wouldn’t open the door.

We’ll find out what happens next week, but in the meantime — we wanted to ask…

All we know is Jen better be careful. We see that glass in Evelyn’s hand!!!


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