Tweet Of The Day: Kanye West Makes A Twitter Comeback To Caption The “Wizber” Picture Seen Around The World

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Kanye West Throws Subliminal Jab At Ex-Girlfriend Amber Rose's New Boyfriend

You might remember we pointed out a couple of weeks ago that Yeezy hadn’t touched his Twitter account since March.

He made a quick come back on July 4th to promo-hoe for “Watch The Throne” which obviously didn’t drop that day like they had announced. But that still wasn’t the Yeezy we know and love.

That picture of Wiz Khalifa justifying his love on stage though, was too much temptation for Kanye not to say something reckless… so he did.

Kanye West Throws Subliminal Jab At Ex-Girlfriend Amber Rose's New Boyfriend

Don’t front like that wasn’t your firs thought too! The tweet appeared on Yeezy’s time line early this morning, when Kanye – forgetting that his European fans were already up – thought no one would catch it.

Of course, that tweet has since disappeared… Doesn’t make it any less funny.

Here’s the thing though: how much of Hip-Hop could Amber have possibly seen between Yeezy and Wiz? Doesn’t this tweet mean that Yeezy had at least half of Hip-Hop wifed up all that time?

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