Judge Joe Brown “Up In Here Dressed Like A Hoochie Momma?!” [Video]

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Judge Joe Brown “Up In Here Dressed Like A Hoochie Momma?!” [Video]

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  • 7lady

    He said it right. I’ve seen plenty women especially us make a fool of our self with inappropriate clothes at the wrong time. You don’t wear that to court you wear that after 7pm or when it’s getting dark. I had to learn this myself….all that tittay out is disrespectful. Lil kids out during day and you sittn there with breast skin exsposed. Put a cami on under that low cut sundress for daytime. Then take it off at night. Smh

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  • Boo ya kah

    Why black women always got they tiddys out??? Belly hanging over they cooch, clothes 10x smaller then what wear?? Just like everybody else, judge Joe Brown is disgusted.

    Note to all black women: I know ya’ll trying to get that jail bird nikka fresh out of prison but not everybody wanna see ya tiddys in public.

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