Elsewhere In The World: Maniac Gunman Kills 91 People In Norway Shortly After Bombing

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91 people?!?!

A bloodthirsty gunman shot at least 84 people to death at a youth summer camp in Norway yesterday, after a bomb went off in the heart of Oslo, killing seven during a “catastrophic” day of terror that stunned the peaceful Nordic nation.

Anders Behring Breivik, 32, allegedly posed as a cop as he strode through the vacation island of Utoya, using his disguise to lure the young victims, then shooting them twice to make sure they were dead, survivors said.

“He first shot people on the island,” said one 15-year-old survivor named Elise. “Afterward he started shooting people in the water.”

Police official Roger Andresen told reporters that the total death toll was now 91 and that a suspect was in custody being questioned for both assaults and is cooperating with the investigators. The Oslo University hospital said it has so far received 11 wounded from the bombing and 16 people from the camp shooting.

“[Breivik] is clear on the point that he wants to explain himself,” Roger Andresen told reporters Saturday.

Police chief Oystein Maeland said early today the carnage at a camp, organized by the nation’s ruling Labor Party, had reached “catastrophic dimensions,” Sky News reported.

The strikes were the deadliest in Western Europe since the 2004 Madrid train bombings that killed 191.

For those asking how the hell this guy had the time and space to shoot more than 100 people.

After about two nightmarish hours, black-clad police SWAT teams wounded the gunman and took him into custody.

Johan Fredriksen, another police official, said Saturday a SWAT team was put on standby after the bombing in Oslo.

When asked how long it took the SWAT team to arrive at the island after the shooting began, Fredriksen said: “It takes the time it takes to drive fast.” He said that was about 30 minutes.

R.I.P. to those who were killed, get well soon to those who survived.



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