Close Your Eyes and Make a Wish

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T-Pain must have been wishing for big things:

Apple and Hyundai recently teamed up to create a car called The Digital Genesis, with T-Pain in mind. According to, the new car will be unveiled at events across the country, and will feature music from Pain’s upcoming album, Thr33 Ringz. Early reports include that the vehicle will come equipped with three computers (two Mac minis and a Macbook Air) as well as an iPod Touch, iPhone and two wireless keyboards that slide out of the rear of the front seats. The starting price for the Genesis is around $30,000. Apple and Hyundai are expected to formally announce the launch of the new Genesis at an event later this fall, in which people who attend the event will receive Apple download cards — to download tracks from T-Pain and artists on his Nappy Boy digital label.

Unbelievable. Out of all the artists in Hip-Hop, T-Pain is the person they picked as a poster-boy for a major initiative like this? Maybe he isn’t the dancing clown he makes himself out to be, after all.



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