Were You Watching “Basketball Wives”: Tami Beat Meeka Down — But Did She Have It Coming?

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Tami Roman Meeka Claxton

Tami had that chick SHOOK! Thanks to the uncanny timing of a certain lawsuit filed by Meeka Claxton we already knew a big fight was coming on Monday’s episode of “Basketball Wives.”

Considering all the drama of last season’s “Basketball Wives” it would be easy to just brand Tami as a problem child with anger management issues, but there are a couple of things that Meeka did that made us think she had it coming.

For one thing, Tami warned her very early on in the season to watch that hand in her face and that was the exact excuse she used for throwing bows in Rome. If you watch the post fight aftermath Tami is in the van saying “I had to defend myself.” She ain’t lyin’ either. Rewind your Tivo and you will see Meeka’s finger just a waggin’ away.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

The chick got a pass and she still went and ran her mouth to Suzie. And then that letter??? Was it really necessary for Meeka to be calling Tami all out of her name and not recognizing the role she played in her own demise? Just sayin’!

What do you think? Does Tami need a ho sit down? Should Meeka be fitted for a muzzle?

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  • cece

    To me. Tammi was all in Meeka face. She’s wrong for slapping her like that. I hope she goes to jail. She thinks she’s so bad. She had been picking at her the whole time. They all messy and say stuff about each other so it shouldn’t matter what Meeka said about her.

  • Ms. Gottabody

    Im confused, Im not sure what started what. But that sh!t sure was funny

  • Ms. Gottabody

    I agree with “cece”

  • NikkiNoo

    Meeka came on the show talkin trash! She knew nothing about any of them, but yet chose to run her mouth. She got the push slap she deserved! Now she wanna sue! Man up and handle your S*%T! Then wanna write a high school azz letter! BISH PLEASE!

  • yeah ok

    Tami do got anger issues….. but Meeka got exactly what she deserved. Run your mouth and she ran her azz home.

  • haze

    Honestly, Meeka was wrong. Like Nikka said Meeka came on that show judging all the girls and picking sides based on what she heard. CHILDISH. Of she really wanted to be a part of the crew and went about it the wrong way. She never even met Tami and started going in on her. Tami even approached her woman to woman to address any issues. meeka again lied. Now that it got back to Tami, Meeka wanna play the victim. FOH. Was a fight warranted? No but I don’t blame Tami

  • Basketball wife reply

    Meeka came on the show like a sweaty rat putting her nose in everybody’s face! She deserved every bit of what she got because even after She said her apologies and Tami offered a group picture she still kept talking shit. She thought age would be down with Evelyn and Shaunie but to her surprise they didn’t care for her and now she dissed Royce’s side so much that she doesn’t have a place anywhere anymore! Better yet Suzie is her only alliance at this point and checking from the previews she just messed that up

  • Icntbtuchd

    Tammi was wrong! But, I like her. They treat meeka bad but, they’re all just alike! Meeka fit right in. Suzie, is the one who they should’ve popped because she instigates, and tammi did say that to meeka, jenn and ev are scary and messy too! They are all just alike, MESSY!MESSY! MESSY!

  • Mesha b

    Those hoes neeed to get a life they not even marrieed to ballers those hoes only exs except meeka who is married to one and that goes to show u y some ballers rather marry white women for exaple tami making it worst for every black women out their hate bbw

  • homicidalbrainiac

    It’s hard to believe that adult women actually come to blows…really ridiculous…

  • Lala

    Violence isn’t the answer but Meeka was tlkin alot of ****..no matter how old u are at the end of the day it’s about respect & Meeka went on the show disrespecting ppl so no I dnt feel sry her hopefully she will learn to stop running her mouth & the way they edit these shows alot more cud have been goin on between the two we dnt know..

  • http://bossip Bella

    I guess a “mush” knowadays is considered a beat…. Meeka did not receive a beat down. The entire cast has prejudged each other… Old Tammy did state that the trio were fake, and phony. This lawsuit may teach her ghetto self a lesson, think twice Bi*ch!

  • Steelcitychick

    Black women making fools of themselves, and black people supporting that shyt! White America continues to make us look like jungle bunnies!…smdh!

  • Reesie

    Tami did say that Jen and Ev and Shaunie were phony and thats why she mushed ol girl. she got put on full blast for her own phony behavior.

  • Dee

    Well I feel like both of them already had a problem with each other before the show even started just messy follow me on twitter I follow you back I need some followers new to it @deesmart33

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