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This is another leak from “808’s and Heartbreak” called “Robocop.” Another way out styled vocoder song by Yeezy. Do Bossipers think he went too far with this one??

Check it out. Robocop


  • lady shay

    This nicca just too dam ugly.

  • glow

    wow to you D.O.O.K.I.E

    have to listen to the song a little more before i can really say i like it, but it sounds cool.

  • in4mustpimpette

    Please stop with the vocoder already my ears can’t stand anymore songs with that mess.

  • dayg715

    kanye sucks.

  • sideshowRaheem

    Um, he’s not using a Vocoder on this track he’s using distortion there’s a difference.

  • kanye's wife

    I love you Kanye and only want the best for you!!!! Please take a break from this music thing for a while so you can come up with the brilliant music you are capable of! He has not given his self enough time to go through the healing process over his mother and it is showing in his music!!

    Love you always though!!!


    please.. no more use of the mutha truckin vocorder!!!!!!!! :(smh

  • in4mustpimpette

    @ Oshie’s

    Amen 2 That!

  • noelle

    i love this picutre

  • ChocolateKate

    I don’t know about this one Kanye! but like every song you think is wack at first..after the radio plays it million times it grows on you…damnit

  • Urban Hippie

    This is awful. The beats are good but the rest of it sounds horrific

  • Tracey

    Something sounds gayish about the song and lyrics, it is almost a gay lo down track.

    First time I saw the video it reminded me of some george Michael video.

    Then I looked at the lyrics, and it is almost as if he is singing about a man he cannot come out of the closet about!

    Then again, it could just be me!

  • Sarah Vaughan

    I dig Kanye, but like the rest I’m tired of that vocoder or whatever he doing to his voice. I think he is extremely bored and to entertain his self this is what he came up with.

    I don’t think this is a stroke of genius but what he is doing is interesting.

  • Tysonz

    I mean yall knew Ye always wanted to experiment with his inner white side so you know this was coming, I like the fact that he’s really not trying to look rapper-ish by growing his hair and beard out. He looks mad gayish that way. 08 Kanye = 06 Lauryn Hill

  • Speaking of

    Man this is a damned shame. The poor mans mom mustve been his ghostwriter and ghost producer, because this is not the Kanye whose music I used to support. RIP Donda West

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