“Breaking News”: Lauryn Hill Confirms That Rohan Marley Is NOT The Father Of Her Newborn Baby!!!

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Looks like Lauryn Hill seed numero seis doesn’t belong to that shady Rohan after all…

“Ms. Hill” just tweeted this “Evite” lookin’ announcement:

Lauryn Hill Confirms That Rohan Marley Is NOT The Father Of Her Newborn Baby!!!

Damn, we wanna know who the daddy is!!!!



  • John doe

    It’s Zee-Cleff….

  • Instigator

    The question is, does Ms. Hill know who the father is…

  • sepia830

    6 babies? Somebody needs to put down the d*ck and pick up a mic.

  • Prssykitty

    That’s some bs. You want privacy then she should have kept her mouth closed. Telling the world y’all happy with yall 5 kids knowing you have 6 just adding fuel to the fire. I love you Miss.Hill but that’s a dumb move!

  • geekryderz

    In other news……. “Dollar Bills” are not American money, they are private bank notes. The Federal Reserve banks are all family-owned. There is no reason why the owners of the Banks should put American national heroes on their bills, they could more properly put some of their own family heroes on them. Like say Amschel Mayer Rothschild, who famously said in 1838:

    “Permit me to issue and control the currency of a nation, and I care not who makes its laws.”

  • Cadence

    Who did that? 5 kids later, I’m sure that thang is popped…. it’s probably Wyclef!

  • gina

    Can’t none of y’all get somebody to marry y’all at least once! Jennifer, Jill, Ericaka, Halle, Nia,…

    Stop humping peoples husbands and known baby daddy kinda men! Dang y’all can even steal a man..lol

  • neenee

    I’m not sure I believe this. Her baby’s a day old & she cares what we think so much she makes an announcement on twitter? I’m waiting for more info

  • rspoon

    Yes gina! I second that emotion!

  • prettynana43

    WOW,well they have 5children together,she step out n had a baby with the next man,LOoks like Her n Ro been over,,well I hope the real dad is n the baby’s life,

  • http://blabberlicious.wordpress.com/2011/07/27/%e2%80%9cbreaking-news%e2%80%9d-lauryn-hill-confirms-that-rohan-marley-is-not-the-father-of-her-newborn-baby/ “Breaking News”: Lauryn Hill Confirms That Rohan Marley Is NOT The Father Of Her Newborn Baby!!! « blabberlicious

    […] source […]

  • bb skywalker

    I love lauryn hill, but there is something sad about having so many kids with one man (who won’t marry you) and than out of the blue have one with somebody else!!! I think lauryn needs to listen to her cd, ” miseducation of lauryn hill” coz what’s she’s doing with her life now, does not corrobarate with what her album was about. And since when do we not use protection when sleeping with man who are not our husbands??? Come on lauryn, you should know better. *deep sigh*

  • yvonne


  • noseynola

    Baby daddy must be white or asian. One look at the kid and she hit up her publicist. SMH@ Ms and Mr. Hill.

  • ShotE

    While most of y’all are putting Ms Hill down, you don’t know half her story or reason. It’s not for man to judge so why are you worried about her? You don’t know that she’s sleeping around with another man..she could’ve went to an infertility clinic for all I care and got pregnant. Everybody need to focus more on yourself and stop idolizing these so called celebrities.

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