Get Your Life Together: Add New Jersey And The Third World To The List Of People Tracy Morgan Has Insulted

- By Bossip Staff

Tracy Morgan Goes On "Shocking" Rant At Private Event In New York

Someone please tell Tracy Morgan that he is now in that group of people who are constantly being watched now.

Tracy was at a posh private event, probably slizzard, when he, yet again, made jokes that white rich people couldn’t appreciate.

The loose-lipped “30 Rock” star was taped in a heated exchange recently on the roof of Silver Towers on West 42nd Street after he crashed a barbecue to mingle with ladies and argue, “The world is ghetto.” Attending a birthday party for Headquarters hostess Denise Real, he limped over to another party taking place on the roof with a soft cast on his foot and unleashed his rant after guest Konstantin Burshteyn remarked that they were lucky to be at a private party overlooking the Hudson. Morgan barked, “I don’t give a [bleep] what you think . . . This is my mother[bleeping] generalization, not yours.” Burshteyn, a White Plains lawyer, said guests were shocked when Morgan continued, “New Jersey, right across the river, is the Third World.” When Burshteyn rebutted him, Morgan allegedly ranted, “Believe me, dude — I live in a very affluent neighborhood right now and my house, one of them is $2 million, and there is some ghetto [bleep] going on there.” Earlier, Morgan had vented, “I’m from the ghetto, and that ain’t bad . . . I will never be disconnected from my roots. You disconnect the tree from the roots and what happens to the tree? It [bleep]ing dies.”

Lawd. Tracy needs to take a break from socializing for a while. And talking without a script, for that matter.


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