The Swirl: Tamera Mowry Talks Interracial Marriage And Says She Was In Middle School When She Realized Her Dad Was White

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Tamera Mowry Adam Housley

Tamera Mowry is speaking out about her interracial marriage to entertainment journalist Adam Housley.

In an interview with Tamera talks about her new marriage

ESSENCE.COM: You are no longer a single lady. Congrats on the big wedding! What’s married life like?

TAMERA MOWRY: It’s amazing! I feel like I have a lot more strength, and I have this person who has my back, and no matter what he’s going to be there for me. That just in itself makes me feel a lot more confident and a lot more safe. It feels amazing — it really, really does. Adam and I, we haven’t lived together, so we’re going through that right now. Moving is challenging, but it’s rewarding. That’s the best I can describe it. Because once you go through a challenging situation then you overcome it you’re like “yes, we can do this.” Adam has to do most of the moving so I kind of feel sorry for him in that sense. He’s moving into my place and one of the main things that we’re going through right now is that I don’t want him to feel like a visitor. It’s our place. We’re kind of going through the transition where you say “my place” and then you’re like, “no, wait, it’s our place.” Plus, saying “my husband”, that feels amazing too. There’s something that just goes through your body when you say those words.

Aw how precious… More photos and quotes from Tamera about her swirly matrimony-dom when you continue.


  • homicidalbrainiac

    I’ve been in an interracial relationship for seven years and there has never been a point where our races came into play. We have our inside jokes (i.e. He kids me when he knows I’m ready for a perm and one of my favorite exclamations happens to be “freakin white people…!”) But our relationship is as normal and natural as any relationship would be with two people of the same race. We have a son (and a daughter on the way) who doesn’t see the difference in his parents and really that’s the way it should be. He sees us as equals because that’s the way we treat each other. It’s funny that people still believe it’s more difficult to maintain an interracial relationship…

  • Ms.V

    I love her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Great interview:)

  • kyra

    She answered the questions right. Most biracial people with both parents present dont want to be viewed as one or the other. They want to be mixed. Honestly, how can a mixed person relate to a black person when you was raised from an interracial marriage. my son knows he is mixed and recognizes that he is not black but still a boy of color. Colored people ars not just african americans. he gets to ne himself and doesnt run around trying to discover his african roots when his white fathet taught him how to be a man.

  • prettybrowneyes

    they make a beautiful couple i wish them the best of luck on their marriage and ppl who are hating on inter racial relationships are just ignorant and miserable ppl who need to worry about themselves and not everyone and everything that surrounds them

  • kyra

    She answered the questions right. Most biracial people with both parents present dont want to be viewed as one or the other. They want to be mixed. Honestly, how can a mixed person relate to a black person when you was raised from an interracial marriage. my son knows he is mixed and recognizes that he is not black but still a boy of color. Colored people ars not just african americans. he gets to ne himself and doesnt run around trying to discover his african roots when his white fathet taught him how to be a man. Black is black mixed is mixed!

  • homicidalbrainiac

    Well said, Kyra.

  • Teyana

    @homicalbrainiac~ honey child plez if ur interatial relationship is all that y havent ur white icing married u yet n u got one of his seeds n one on the way he u sound like kevin federline black baby mama { ur white baby daddy is gonna marry a white girl} while he talks about ur nappy headed a** needing a perm n u giggling like its a joke honey plez

  • Teyana

    @kyra honey aint no such thing as mixed ur son is black ok still a nicca on applications theres not a box to check for mix black n white people still c him as a black a** lil nicca who mom layed up wit a white man

  • Cici & Coco -The Besties

    Who is this teyana.. I was Teyana at first then switched it to cici & coco cause i got tired of teyana.. Hmm…. Anyway how do u know homocidal maniac isnt married she didnt say wasnt.. & honestly although it is the proper thing, just like college, marriage isnt for every couple. some ppl dont need the paper but theyre together for life. only the typical negro cotton picking minded would refer to a woman as a baby mama. You’re not God teyana. U can go head & take a seat somewhere cause love has no color. Im pretty sure ur very much single cause there’s no way any real man would wanna wife up a jacka– like u. You gotta lot of growing up to do sweetheart. Stevie wonder can see thru ur bull-hit

  • sunshine

    @ teyana there is a section for other and that is what my children use! being in an interracial relationship is no biggy we dont even realize it til we are around his family.

  • Juliemango

    Enjoyed this intervw. What stands out to me is her being free to be raw and catering to her husband!!!

  • tt

    “Other” who I the heck wants to identify themselves as other? Don’t you want your child to have an identity? And to the person who said her son doesn’t run around trying to find his African roots, well you better teach him he is half AA, if he or you won’t recognize it the world will give him a rude awakening. So sad when you lay down with another race and produce children ignoring their whole racial identity does no good get you head out of fairy land

  • homicidalbrainiac

    @ Teyana- why so abrasive? I didn’t say he talks about me needing a perm, I said the he kids when he know *I’m* ready for one (much the way I kid him when he needs a haircut by saying he’s fostering a mullet). We have a relationship based on love and mutual respect. If we do ever split, I’ll be fine because I’ve earned my degree and am independently financially very well off (plus having two children for a soon-to-be Nuerosurgeon is a pretty good investment for the future). @tt- wouldn’t Sunshine be ignoring her children’s entire racial identity if she *didnt* have them list as “other”? My son happens to look more caucasian than anything else, but I wouldn’t want him to downplay his black roots based on how people perceive him.

  • allym

    Beautiful couple. Race is irrelevant. The lady that said her mixed child embraces who he is (i.e. mixed) got it spot on.

  • Teyana

    I am together an educated i finished @twu n denton tx n have a degree n buiness mangt to this homosexual trick that has the oreo kids by the white boy u dont have n want be getting a ring he bout to b a neurosurgeon whatever he aint wifing u up welfare queen probaly on gov benefits (wic stamps medicare sect a go perm ur hair n keep dreaming i am 100% black n never had a perm

  • i think

    Being in an interracial relationship is fine. But when some african americans have mix kids they think oh his/ her skin, and his features are going to get them far…….think again. No matter what if you see tamera on the streets you would think pretty lighskin black same with Drake, Halle berry. No matter the world will see them as black so be proud of it

  • tt

    Right on ithink. Your child may be special to you but in society he/she is just another black kid, u better educate them and they should be proud to be a part of the black race

  • homicidalbrainiac

    @ Teyana-again, why so abrasive? I haven’t attacked you in any way. I don’t receive any benefits from the state. I’m financially well off because my parents were killed in an car accident and I was their only child. The reason I’m not married (I am engaged) is because my parents died two months before my original wedding date and I haven’t come to terms with not having my dad to walk me down the aisle or my mother there to help me get dressed. On a lighter note…I happen to have very thick, long hair and with this Southern humidity I prefer to perm. My hair is curly from the root and grows rather quickly so it’s nothing for me to have an inch and a half of new growth in as little as a month. Perming cuts my blow-dry time virtually in half… I’m in no way attempting to engage in a verbal battle with you. My life has it’s ups and downs as I’m sure yours does. I was only stating that from my own experience, interracial relationships are no different than any other. My partner was there for me at every stage of my adult life (from the birth of our first child to my parent’s funerals). I can only guess that your irritability at my responses stems from you inability to imagine blacks and whites as equals. You give my white partner the power by saying “he won’t…” While speaking in hypotheticals, one could argue that I could leave him for a black man…

  • sunshine

    @tt putting down other on a government paper does not mean they have no idenity!

  • gina

    Rflol….you got a white baby daddy who’s about to be a neurosurgeon…..oh dang….wtf…not only are you homcidial your delusional. ….whoa girl your just out there blowing aren’t ya…..lmao a neuerosuregon…and where did he do is intership and residency??? Did he have a AA or CA sponsor …your azz is on some lying John Hopkins Medical School, Harvard, IU girl ……plz….a neurosurgeon…..girl you really outta stop that crazy wild azz obvious falsehood from circulating on the http://www….internet….neurosurgeon! Neurological disorder …..humm brain issues! Lmao at your hair explanation ….we black females with hair like that give it a little gel and updo it in humidity😉 ….stop it. I thought my/our african hair grew fast….wow yours grows 18 inches a year…girl stop! Out of respect and concern…..your wedding dilemma…..really!
    Swirl on!

  • Asia

    @homicidalbraniac, just stop responding to Teyana’s ignorant comments. She sounds a little off and it also seems that she’s very unhappy with her life. I’m very sorry about your parents but it sounds like u have a wonderful family and a very optimistic attitude. I wish u and ur family lots of Luck.🙂

  • homicidalbrainiac

    Thank you, Asia!

  • Teyana

    @asia fu** u im very sane n happy wit my life im beautiful sucessful n educated with my own n homomaniac trick girl plez u not engaged n thats a dumb excuse u down wit a white man that calls u nappy headed u ashamed of being black u layed down wit a cracked n face the facts ur bastard kids r still blacks niccas come to reality

  • gina

    Neurosurgeron. … lying disorder

  • gina

    Teyana has called your lying azz out. And your shady azz posse is trying to support your crazzy azz lies. Y’all pitiful…..neurosurgeron….Gurl u r ill!

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