The Blame Game

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Fingers are not only being pointed at Julia Hudson’s husband William Balfour. Julia herself is being partially blamed for bringing her thug love around the Hudson family. We found it odd that Julia Hudson has only mentioned little Julian after the murders.

SMH. He sure looks like a killer to us, I don’t know what his mother is talking about. He was recently kicked out of the Hudson home by Jhud’s mother.


  • nue2this

    very sad.. i was in shock over this.


    I AGREE!!!!! SMH @ JULIA!!!!!!



  • Afiya - GO PHILLIES!! One more to go and it's a PAR-TAY in Philly!

    Save the taxpayers money and just off his ass!

    He looks creepy anyway!

  • teababy

    People please please be mindful of the relationships that you have around you children SMH

  • teababy

    People please please be mindful of the relationships that you have around you children SMH

  • Superwoman

    Please lets not place blame on anyone in this family they are going through a lot already

  • Moe

    Please do not do this to their family… you have no idea the pain they are suffering from this horrific tragedy. Please let their family grieve without being scrutinized by the media. I understand it is your place to report but not to judge… Keep their family in your prayers

  • pm

    what if he didn’t do it. Lets not be so fast to jump on that man.

  • Monday

    Okay so he went on a killing spree because he got kicked out of the house??? Does anyone know if the death penalty stand in Chicago?? He needs it!

  • Necy

    OMG, breaking news on cnn and msnbc, they found the white suv with a body inside fitting the description of Julian….( so sad)

  • Angee

    None of us knows enough information about Julia Hudson or her marriage to William Balfour to point fingers or pass judgement!!

    My thoughts and Prayers go out to the family!!

  • Superwoman

    one last thing…i am willing to pay as much “tax” to see to the death of who ever is responsible for this. Dont put them in jail…eletrocute therir wicked asses

  • Necy

    whomever did this needs to be TORTURED TO death…. all involved should have all their limbs chopped off one by one(while alive) and after that someone should stick a sharp object in their eyes so they can suffer and feel the pain… then, cut off their lips, ears, nose, legs, arms, etc, etc, etc until they die a sloooooooooow and painfully grueling death.

  • gina

    People should not blame Julia as we have all made mistakes/choices/decisions that we later regret…she did the best that she could with the knowledge/maturity/foresight that she had at the time…….I sincerely hope that she and her sister will be able to pull together, love themselves and live their lives this is the best answer to such tragedy and pain puposely directed and inflicted on someone…GOD will give them the strength….and I also hope that they will be able to work together to share the Victory in this by informing others/starting a Foundation, etc about domestic violence…..this should be a spotlight and wake-up call for many other families around the world in every race on the tragedy that can occur when you allow others into your home/to stay in your home that are inflicting pain via abuse physical/verbal, alcoholism, drug addiction, sexual molestation, fear tactics etc

    the Hudson Family can’t change the past but they can positively impact the future!!!

  • Black Beauty

    This is not the time to be pointing fingers. I am sure that this woman loved her mother and brother, but her son was the only thing on her mind at the press conference.

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