Reality Report: Messy Meeka Says The Lawsuit Is All About Teaching Tami Not To Be A Hoodrat On TV

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Meeka Claxton Talks Tami Roman Lawsuit and Basketball Wives Season 4

In case some of you were wondering why Meeka “I got my own money and my husband was a basketball star” Claxton would need to file a lawsuit against anyone over a fight, she wants you to know it’s not the money.

In a recent interview, she took the opportunity to clear up the presumption of her brokeness.

I never respond to negativity on Twitter, but I do see a lot of people saying things like “Why are you doing this? Is it because you’re broke?” This has nothing to do with money – it’s all about the lesson. There are consequences to every action. And it may be cool for Tami to go around hitting them, but don’t touch me. I’m about my business, I don’t bother anybody.

I can’t believe that a woman could actually sit in a club – in Italy where we’re the only black women there – and perpetuate the already negative stereotypes that other people have of us. At the time, I was very upset. You can’t run around doing that. We’re not 16, 17 years old anymore. I’m not getting someone to “jump” you. I don’t do that anymore. I’m going to handle it like an adult. As mad as I wanted somebody to do something back to her, that’s not going to solve anything. She needs to learn her lesson. And if I do win the lawsuit, all the proceeds will be going to charity. It’s not about the money, it’s about teaching young women a lesson that when you do things like that, nothing good comes of it.

Word Meeka? You’re the one teaching young woman how to act? That’s why you watch the show with your kids, right?


  • Lala

    All the mess Meeka was keeping up by Goin bk & forth running her mouth & she has the nerve to tlk about tami not bein an adult..GIRL BYE!

  • Janay

    Yea she was messy. Which ultimately led to her getting popped. But Tammy is too old to be putting her hands on people. It’s embarSsing that these black women choose to portray themselves this way given the few examples of us on tv and media. It’s gross and very unlady like to have to fight a chick instead of just using words

  • Asia

    @Lala you’re right. Tami can’t go around behaving like that but Meeka aint nothin but a fake ish starter herself. Meeka sure didn’t conduct herself like a mature adult.

  • Tj

    Really acting like kids in the polo event and tryna to side evelyn and jenn like it was some popular group…Sound like some High school Musical BS to me… I hope Tammi win this case…And lets keep it real You talk smack you get popped

  • Tj

    Atleast she got her nose fixed…

  • yea!

    Umm if this isn’t a sick case of the kettle calling the pot black!

  • southernswagg

    I totally agree with meeka, I didn’t like her at 1st but Tami was out of line for this whole situation and she deserves to get sued

  • Sweett

    I really dont think a lawsuit is needed..Tami was about to peace everything up with meeka…BUT Suzy had to go run her mouth like a child an as I see if meeka gonna sue tami Big mouth suzy should be there too.

  • Tanya

    Tami has no tact and is a bully. I hope meeka wins that lawsuit.

  • Mrs. Rance

    The whole problem with Meeka’s argument is she chose to be on the show. Hands been thrown on BBW since before Meeka AND Tami came on the show. Even Suzi got down in the first season. If she didn’t want to get hit she shouldn’t have joined the cast. Go to RHOA where the ladies are a little older and a little better behaved.

  • King Beef

    If I bish slap everyone that crossed me i?ll b either locked up or dead. Point is keep your hand to yourself.

  • lame

    Tami is a hoodrat. Meeka is fake but Tami needs to grow up seriously

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  • M

    Oh meeka shut up! If you are about business and so above it all you wouldn’t have gone on that show. You knew what it was about before you begged shaunie to be on it. And if you were so above it you wouldn’t have been talking trash along with the other girls, trying to fit in. Filing lawsuits isn’t going to change Tami. This to me is not about teaching a lesson. This is about revenge. You can’t hit her back, she couldn’t go to jail. This is all about sticking it to Tami any way u can because she made a fool out of you. This all proves that you aren’t above anything. And i agree Yes there are consequences for hitting but there are also consequences for running ya mouth and u felt it.

  • Westside cute!!!!!

    Preach….@ M!!!!! U mos definitely broke it down!

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