Reality Report: Messy Meeka Says The Lawsuit Is All About Teaching Tami Not To Be A Hoodrat On TV

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Meeka Claxton Talks Tami Roman Lawsuit and Basketball Wives Season 4

In case some of you were wondering why Meeka “I got my own money and my husband was a basketball star” Claxton would need to file a lawsuit against anyone over a fight, she wants you to know it’s not the money.

In a recent interview, she took the opportunity to clear up the presumption of her brokeness.

I never respond to negativity on Twitter, but I do see a lot of people saying things like “Why are you doing this? Is it because you’re broke?” This has nothing to do with money – it’s all about the lesson. There are consequences to every action. And it may be cool for Tami to go around hitting them, but don’t touch me. I’m about my business, I don’t bother anybody.

I can’t believe that a woman could actually sit in a club – in Italy where we’re the only black women there – and perpetuate the already negative stereotypes that other people have of us. At the time, I was very upset. You can’t run around doing that. We’re not 16, 17 years old anymore. I’m not getting someone to “jump” you. I don’t do that anymore. I’m going to handle it like an adult. As mad as I wanted somebody to do something back to her, that’s not going to solve anything. She needs to learn her lesson. And if I do win the lawsuit, all the proceeds will be going to charity. It’s not about the money, it’s about teaching young women a lesson that when you do things like that, nothing good comes of it.

Word Meeka? You’re the one teaching young woman how to act? That’s why you watch the show with your kids, right?


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