Homeless Man Released From Atlanta County Jail Sings Better Than Most Of Your Young Stars Now! [Video]

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Homeless Talent Of The Month: Forget Ted Williams… This Is A Golden Voice! [Video]

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  • breezy

    Nice voice. Wish him luck!

    • Zoe

      He has a great voice. I hope someone discovers him.

  • Mich

    This guy is really a good singer. I enjoyed his singing very much. I hope someone in the biz could use his voice.


    yu better SING!

  • cohen549

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  • E. Hardy

    Awww sookie sookie now, “tell me why we can’t get along”, you keep singing like that, I will show how WE CAN get along.” LOL…Naw, he sounds great!

  • lilly

    Tell me why you were in jail. Shoplifting, domestic violence, robbery, while waiting to be “discovered?” America has become a nation of game show, talent show and reality show contestants because it’s easier than actually working for a living. No wonder this country is fading fast. BTW, dude’s voice is not all that.

    • Peaches

      People like you are why this country is not longer considered the land of hope and opportunity. Dno’t know a thing but still running your mouth!!

    • YupISaidIt

      @ Lilly: So true! @ Peaches: Learn how to spell, dumb azz.

    • lilly

      @Peaches: Child please! America ceased being the land of opportunity a while ago. There was a time when you could come here to make a better life for yourself. Un fortunately, too many came here for handouts and they, along with the natural born leeches have bankrupted this nation. I can run my mouth if I want. I’m a taxpayer who puts money on your EBT card.

    • sweetd

      Whether you like it or not he has a great voice and besides you or anyone else knows his circumstances

  • LAMO

    Now thats what you call a good voice.

  • Triston for Dummies

    Y’all lied. This was average at best. So are we ignoring the fact that he just got released from jail because he can kinda hold a note?


    The circumstances of his jailing aside…the man has a voice.Back in the 70’s-he’d already be be in the studio.Either as a background vocals…or part of a group.Sadly we are in the hip-hop era.They have no use for talented vocalists…or for that matter ACTUAL TALENT.Good luck with it anyway Tony.

    • i'm rich

      well said

  • Daisy Jay

    Now THAT’S a real voice! No voice effects, no autotune, just real singing! “Tell me what the – is going ooonnnn!! xD

  • mimi

    Wow. No computerized mess,no lipsyncing.
    You sir,are talented! and I hope he finds his way in life.
    Better late than never!

  • Tamika

    Yea hes cool, I gave him money before near magic city..hewas nice he and sang for me. But sadly he told me is sick… Sooo his time here is very limited.

  • Dee

    He sounds kinda like R. Kelly. Nice.

    • tsktsk

      Yup! And R Kelly should be in jail.

  • just me

    “Niiights like this I wiish, that raindrops would faaaa-alll”

    • Missme

      Lol, one of the best scenes of all time.

  • dee

    When you sing like that is shows you’ve lived life and shed some real tears.

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