Are You Feeling This Get Up??

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Tiny's Daughter Zonnique And Her OMG Girlz group-mates

Here are Tiny’s daughter Zonnique and the other girls Reginae Carter dumped when she realized being an OMG Girl would get her nowhere in life.

This was the performance outfit of choice for the Girlz’ recent appearance at an Atlanta area school.

Thoughts? Is this cute or a bit much for 15- and 17-year-olds?


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    • Lala

      if these are 15 and 17 yr old girls, how could this be a bit much? what grown a$$ women you know dresses like this? They look their age to me.

  • sare

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  • Luu

    Looks like two girls are missing: Reginae and the short chubby one.

  • bb

    they’re just cute young girls being cute young girls, they’re not showing any of the goods. I would’ve dressed & wore my hair like that at that age if my parents had allowed it lol

  • wtfever

    They are cute young ladies enjoying life and fashion, so what, Let them

  • CoOkiE

    the outfits are cute for their age but the hair really needs to change. Its too much and looks like a part of halloween costume

  • Getem

    They look cute. They’re young and doing what the majority of these kids in school do.

  • mediavest7floor

    There young and having innocent fun. Like girls of their age should be doing. At least their not grinding up on somebody’s Mother or Father like the little boy in the pic yesterday.

  • nikki

    Its tooooo much, tooooo soon. They need to be in those books, sports and healthy age appropriate activities. Parents grow their children up to soon.

  • Stephgbt

    Cute I don’t see what everyone is saying about their clothes they are probably wearing alot more than other girls would. I think it’s fine for their age

  • kidrebelny

    Although it may be too much for some, I think they look cute in my opinion. They are just kids trying to have fun, let them be who they want to be. Willow didn’t fall too far from the same tree and she’s younger then them.


    They look cute!! Reginae’s blue a is a little bit much but its cute!!

    • KARRMA

      *blue hair*

  • Nicole

    it looks ghetto. Just because they are young doesnt mean its ok to be looking ghetto wearing booty shorts


    OOops thats Not Reginae lol… oh well.. it’s cute.. Hello Kitty!!!

  • Daisy Jay

    I kinda like the Hello Kitty shirts, but they look tacky overall. What’s up with the tiny shorts? The hair…having all those colors look ridiculous on ANYBODY. And not to be a downer, but who are they performing for? People care about this little group? Eh…oh well. As long as their minds are right, I guess it’s okay.

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