Guess Which Rapper’s Baby Mama Michael Vick Is Allegedly Chopping Down???

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D-d-d-d, d-d-d-d-d-d-damn…

Word on the street is that NFL baller Michael Vick and reality star Emily B aka Fabolous’ baby mama may be getting it in. In case you didn’t know these two were rumored to have had a relationship back in the day and it looks like things are heating up again.

For the love of sweet baby Jesus we hope that this isn’t true!!

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  • tommykimon

    Isn’t he married?

  • big B

    Isn’t he RON MEXICO???

    • Tina



      “Big b” that was too funny.

  • lemme see ya twitter

    i guessed right before i even looked at the page lol

  • Daisy Jay

    ANYBODY but Fabolous! He’s good for nothing (at least he makes it seem that way).

  • tasha

    I hope not. I thought Mike was a good dude…..

  • virgo

    Doesn’t he have herpes?

  • Gimmeabreak78

    Wow. For her sake, I hope this isn’t true. Vick has herpes, and condoms are not effective barriers against contracting the virus.

    • Gimmeabreak78

      You know what? On second thought, Fab may have herpes too. He’s known for getting it in with random women, so she may already be infected.

  • gina

    Mike Vic…..Tony Dungy is going to be very upset with YOU!

  • Marsonis

    Ya i thought Vick was married and if not know he was in a long relationship with the chick and she stuck with him throughout that whole dog fight crap so I hope this isnt true…

  • jayluv


  • Kit_Tay_Kat

    Mike Vick fine as hell too!

  • OldskoolNYker'

    It’s well known that he has herpes! Google it!

  • guest

    @ Gimmeabreak78 I hope not, but if it is that’s on them. I wonder if Fab got it and did he get it from a dude or groupie?

  • amanda1314

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  • whitney

    Wow….every state has a controlled disease center(CDC) that reports people infected if your test is POSITIVE for ANY disease. State the facts before accusing people or Mike will shut this ish down.

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