Finally, A Little Justice: 5 New Orleans Police Officers Found Guilty For Covering Up Civilian Murder

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It’s about time these crooked cops get what’s coming to them.

During the chaos of Hurricane Katrina, a group of men were shot at by local authorities. The police murdered one person, James Brissette, 17, and wounded four other men with them on the Danziger Bridge. After the shootings, the officers covered up exactly what happened in hopes of getting off of the hook.

They seemed to succeed, passing through local trials and investigations without any trouble. However, after going through the feds, the five officers have been found guilty. The five officers will be sentenced on December 14th. Two civilians ended up dying during the whole fiasco.

There weren’t even cell phone cameras filming it and these guys were found guilty. Hopefully this is a turning point for police brutality that leads to some more guilty verdicts.

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